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Phuket kids meet the Phuket media

PHUKET: Children from Year 5 and 6 at the Kajonkiet International School, Phuket paid a visit to the offices of The Phuket News and Live 89.5 on November 22, to learn more about the island’s leading newspaper and radio station.

By Jody Houton

Thursday 6 December 2012, 09:38AM

Two groups of plucky youngsters took turns investigating and interrogating teams of the newspaper and radio respectively.

One of the teachers who accompanied the children was Suzy Carter who said that it was extremely important for them to make such a visit, “Today is about learning about various types of media and also in particular learning about interview techniques.”

As such the shoe was very much on the other foot for reporter Mango and sub editor Jody Houton who were subjected to a series of tricky questions including whether The Phuket News had ever been in trouble with the police and if they had ever had any arguments with other news outlets on the island.

Great questions indeed.

Although to be fair most of the youngsters seemed as much interested in the answers as they did in Head Graphic Designer Khun Sai’s iPod watch. One youngster however, Marley, did say he wanted to be “half journalist, half paparazzi so [he] could chase famous people.”

After Jody and Mango’s brows were well and truly beaten, the school group headed onwards and upwards to the top floor of the joint offices of The Phuket News and Live 89.5 to where the station makes and broadcasts the daily shows.

Their fun-packed afternoon was split between learning about the finer points of production from station producer Sara Schloemer and recording sound bites with Drive Time presenter Jason Wilder.

Some of the more star-gazing kids even got to go live on 89.5 with station manager Steve Johnston. Steve said, “Many of the kids were so confident, one even sang a Nicki Minaj song. Who knows maybe there was a future 89.5 radio presenter in our midst.”



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