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Phuket Game Review: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The new 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil football game is a less serious version of the annual FIFA titles.

By Jean-Pierre Mestanza

Monday 28 April 2014, 05:00PM

4 stars

Like some of its first editions, the game's fast pace and quick set-ups give it more of an arcade-like feel with an emphasis on entertainment rather than realism. It'll probably be a great way to spend time while waiting for the next big match during the real tournament later this year.

Still, the game does not come without its problems and the most glaring is the artificial intelligence during corner kicks: it's too easy to score. During single-player mode, users can simply lob the ball into any area of the box and have a good chance of scoring with little fuss from defenders.

On the plus side, the cutaways to manager expressions and crowd shots (away from the stadium) give the game a realistic touch and will have users wondering if they are watching a live broadcast at times.

Gamers also have a better chance to pull off those flashy spins as several moves have been downgraded, giving any above-average midfielder in the game an opportunity to pull off that Cruyff turn on unsuspecting opponents.

Given that several game modes are tied to the real tournament later this year (i.e. Online FIFA World Cup mode), users may become bored after completing the Road to the World Cup for the fifth time.

While FIFA purists will find 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil too easy and unrealistic, casual gamers will be happy that EA Sports has heightened the level of entertainment. Game on!

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