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PHUKET EXPOSED: Seeking escape from the 'tourons'

DJ Alice, Freelance MC

Monday 11 June 2012, 10:22AM

DJ Alice.

DJ Alice.

How long have you lived on the island?

Let’s get one thing straight. You flew here, but I brewed here. I am Phuket. Phuket is me. You may say, “I’ve been living here for 17 years.” Great. My mom’s been here for over 60, but you don’t hear her saying, “Things just haven’t been the same since the ’50s. Things are changing!”

Tell us about your job.

I’ve been working as a freelance MC for 12 years now. It’s been great because I’ve been able to work with many people from around the world. Some of the more memorable events include Playboy Fashion, Snap-on Tools, Princess Yachts, the King’s Cup Regatta, television spots, the charity events, concerts and the recent NASA corporate event.

What is the best thing about living here?

My family lives here and the beaches are wonderful. My mum used to be a teacher at Satree Phuket school before she retired. She taught sewing and I was fortunate to have many of my MC dresses designed by her. My dad used to own a restaurant in Patong, and he is a great chef, and my younger sister runs a coffee shop in town so Phuket is where my home is. I also love the beach lifestyle.

I used to live in Chiang Mai for four years during my university days. I love it there – cool weather, beautiful mountains and everything but I can’t live far from the beaches. I love spending time on the beach reading books, or doing yoga. Once my photo was taken while I was on the beach, and it featured in a nationwide newspaper – but they referred to me as a Japanese tourist!

What do you do to relax?

Hot Yoga. It’s great exercise, and helps tone the body and calm the mind.

What hobbies or sports are you interested in?

Scuba diving, and exploring Thailand by motorcycle with my fiancé.

Favourite food or dish?

I love to cook and I’ve picked up many great tips from [TV Show] Master Chef Australia. Over the years, I’ve come to believe that anyone can cook. My first attempts were disasters, but I was determined to be the best. Since then, I’ve really surprised myself with what I can do and prefer eating at home.

CMI - Thailand

What kind of music are you into?

Being a radio DJ, I’ve heard it all. I’ve also listened to a lot of music that I can’t even remember. Some was okay, some was good and some was incredible. My taste in music often changes as well. So it’s hard to say, this or that is my favourite because it will probably change soon.

What is the best tip you have for people moving to Phuket?

Don’t rush into any major commitments like starting a business, getting married or buying land. Take your time and do your research. Be open to the advice of sincere individuals who have lived here for quite some time (and aren’t bitter).

Where in Phuket would you take someone on a first date?

I haven’t been on a first date in over four years. How can I answer this when my fiancé and I can’t even decide on where to have dinner?

If you could come back as any other person who would it be and why?

I’d come back as you just so that I could answer this same question with, “I’d come back as Alice.”

Favourite place on the island, and why?

I can’t tell you because it’s the last real secret place on Phuket. It’s amazes me that is hasn’t been discovered or blogged about. The fact that you have to drive for miles to reach a 7-Eleven is awesome.

It’s my safe place. My haven. My great escape from the endless stream of ‘tourons’ (my word for tourist morons), modified scooters, and poorly composed music blasting from an endless stream of “can you hear me” car audio systems.

What’s your favourite night out?

New Year’s Eve is by far the most extravagant. Every hotel, event and party is amping out at volume 11 and trying to knock the earth off its axis. The night sky is lit with fireworks for hours and everyone wants the best MC for their venue. I’m usually booked six months before New Year and lately it’s been one year in advance.

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