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Phuket Exposed: Angela Prajantabut

PHUKET: Angela Prajantabut, Managing Director, Phuket Consult

Thursday 5 April 2012, 03:53PM

Angela Prajantabut, Managing Director, Phuket Consult

Angela Prajantabut, Managing Director, Phuket Consult

What you do in Phuket?
I own and manage Phuket Consult, which provides personal executive assistance in many areas such as insurance, accounting, company
set up, work permits, visas, property management, legal and emergency assistance.

 What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I was the Regional Sales Manager for Choice Foods Phuket, and 20 years ago I was a Guest Relations Manager at
Holiday Inn Phuket.

 Why did you move here?
Just over 27 years ago I came for a three-week holiday. Almost three decades and two children later, the holiday
has still not finished.

 What is the best thing about Phuket?
Living with and loving my Thai husband and the people of Phuket. Being able to totally immerse myself into the beautiful culture, and having the most fabulous mother-in-law a girl could wish for.

 You speak fluent Thai – do you have any advice for learners?
Yes I speak both the Bangkok and Phuket dialects – it was easy for me to learn Thai because 27 years ago hardly anybody spoke English. I just listened and learned to speak that way. But I learned like a baby, so I picked up everything that was said to me hence I can speak the Phuket dialect too.
This usually causes quite a few raised eyebrows and dropped jaws when I do. Often it is on the phone, and they forget completely what they were supposed to be helping me with in the first place.

 You are a Thai citizen?
The process started over 10 years ago, and many times along the way I did not think I would get it but with a lot patience and persistence, I received my Thai nationality after nine years. I applied for Thai nationality because this is my home. Both my children were born here and their father is Thai. I felt a need to belong too. I kissed the ground the day I received Thai nationality. It was one of the happiest days of my life and the day I received my Thai ID card I completely lost my ability to speak Thai temporarily.
I was speechless and could not respond to the lady in the district office. She did look at me strangely as if thinking ‘how did she receive
Thai nationality?’.
But then I rattled off in the Phuket dialect how overwhelmed I was to finally receiving my Thai ID card, and a big smile appeared on her face.

 What do you do to relax?
Exercise, in any form – cycling, running, boxing – anything that raises my heart rate and gives me a buzz.

 Any other hobbies?
I love reading and a friend has just brought a Kindle for me so I am very excited to be able to download books. I love all sports and would love to do beach volleyball but fear I would be mistaken for a beached whale!

 Favourite food?
Nam khao yam (Phuket style chilli dip), pla tort (fried fish) and gang som (fish curry with pineapple).

 Best tip for people thinking of moving to Phuket?
Don’t rush into anything too fast, do your homework, go with the flow, take it easy, don’t make a scene, and always remember to smile.

 Funniest thing that has happened to you here?
When I first moved here I ordered fried bananas and got the pronunciation completely wrong. The stall owner gave me such an indignant stare, and told me she did not sell anything of the sort!
Unfortunately I can’t tell you in the newspaper what I mistakenly ordered instead of fried bananas.

 Person you admire the most in the world?
My late father-in-law who passed away in 2003 – he was the most amazing man, and I learnt so much from him. Just mentioning him brings a lump in my throat.

 Favourite place to go on the island?
Nai Harn Lake – I run and cycle it as often as I can and in my eyes it is beautiful – a mad dash round the lake uplifts me and sets the day.

Perfect night out?
Well, I am a bit of a homebody to be honest, but if and when I can be dragged out, I like to go for a glass of wine or
two, or three, at DaVinci.

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