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Phuket divers: We belong to the sea

PHUKET: In a double bid to clean the waters of Patong and raise awareness of the damaging shark finning trade, Patong-based Scuba Cat Diving company is hosting a ‘Dive Against Debris’ and ‘Get Swimming to End Shark Finning’ (Finathon) event on February 16, around Paradise Reef nearby Patong.

Monday 11 February 2013, 11:15AM

The event, named ‘We Belong to the Sea’, spotlights scuba divers’ unique ability to tackle global marine debris and shark finning issues, and to protect the ocean’s environment and marine life for future generations.

Event participants, including divers and non-divers, will meet at 9.30am at the Scuba Cat Diving shop in Patong’s Kee Plaza, and from there will make their way to Patong Pier before leaving for Paradise Reef, where they will take part in various sea-cleaning and awareness-raising activities.

Trained divers from Scuba Cat will not only remove underwater debris such as trash, fishing lines, bottles and cans, but also identify and document everything in a effort to prevent marine debris.

There will also be a sponsored swim to raise public awareness of shark finning problems.

“Scuba Cat understands its responsibility to work with divers to address marine debris and shark finning issues locally, as well as contribute to the global view of ocean nature protection,” says Ms Sarah Kench, general manager of Scuba Cat Diving.

Along with divers from around the world, Scuba Cat are demanding a permanent reduction in, and prevention of, the garbage that the general public creates, which damages sensitive marine ecosystems.

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Scuba Cat Diving is also aiming to raise awareness of the inhumane slaughtering of thousands of sharks every year for their fins – often used in Chinese soups and medicines.

The company is confident it can make a difference by hosting such events, partly because they are not working alone.

“Scuba Cat is committed to working together with Go Eco Phuket, Reef Check and Project AWARE to protect the reefs and marine life in the Andaman to preserve them for future divers,” said Debbie Woods, customer service manager of Scuba Cat Diving.

For more information on We Belong To The Sea, contact Mr Quang Nguyen at 090-701-0318 or email

For additional information on Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris and Finathon programmes, or to to join the global movement for ocean protection, visit

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