Phuket: Darasamuth student becomes Thailand’s number one speller

PHUKET: A student from Darasamuth Phuket School has won the First Gold Award in a national spelling competition, held in Bangkok on February 14.

Friday 1 March 2013, 04:40PM

Sister Srivieng, AJ, Teacher Patricia (AJ's Home Room teacher) and Stephen Brady, Head of EP.

Sister Srivieng, AJ, Teacher Patricia (AJ's Home Room teacher) and Stephen Brady, Head of EP.

Nine-year-old AJ Grosvenor from grade P3 took part in his first ever Spelling Bee and managed a perfect score of 100 per cent.

Stephen Brady, head of the English Programme, said “We are extremely proud of AJ. He is a popular student in his class and is now a role model for all Thai students.”

The competition was arranged by the Education Office of Thailand, and student representatives from every province in the country were involved in the five days of competition.

AJ was presented with his medal and certificate by Sister Srivieng in the English Programme Assembly on February 19. Young AJ also received a remote control car and a full scholarship for next year and was, perhaps most importantly for AJ, made Star of the Week for his class.

There was more cause for celebration at the Darasamuth School on February 24, when AJ’s classmate Mat Thiangsawang also won a Story Telling competition – a competition open for all private schools in southern Thailand.

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Mr Brady said that it was a great feeling for both teachers and students when their school enters – and wins – a competition of any sort.

We encourage them to do so as it's a real confidence boost, so it's not only good for their academic achievement, but also their social development.

“When any child succeeds, it's a great feeling as a teacher to know that you have helped them in even a tiny way. This can be a small thing from being able to write a first word or complete a times table test. When it is a national competition, then the sense of pride is huge, for all teachers in the school.

“When we received the telephone call from Bangkok to say that AJ had come first, there was a massive cheer in the office and any teachers that had taught him recently or in the past couple of years were brimming with pride. This is the kind of thing that makes teaching such a great job,” added Mr Brady.



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