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Phuket couple irked by poor property building standards

PHUKET: A Phuket couple want a well known Thai property developer to buy back a property they bought for over six million baht after three years of battles trying to get the company to resolve building issue.


The Phuket News

Saturday 12 November 2016, 02:37PM

Mr Sinthichai and Ms Sinisa Jitkam lodge their complaint at the Mr Sinthichai and Ms Sinisa Jitkam yesterday (Nov 12) took a file of documents and photo of the property they bought close to the British International School, Phuket to the Damrongdhama Centre. Photo: PR Dept
Mr Sinthichai and Ms Sinisa Jitkam lodge their complaint at the Mr Sinthichai and Ms Sinisa Jitkam yesterday (Nov 12) took a file of documents and photo of the property they bought close to the British International School, Phuket to the Damrongdhama Centre. Photo: PR Dept

Mr Sinthichai and Ms Sinisa Jitkam yesterday (Nov 12) took a file of documents and photo of the property they bought close to the British International School, Phuket to the Damrongdhama Centre at Phuket Provincial Hall and told an official there that they have had ongoing problems with their B6.7mn property, that it is not up to standard and does not fit its B6.7mn price tag.

Mr Sinthichai said, “We have encountered problems with our property since moving in three years ago. We have notified the property developer of the problems, but even though they have tried to fix the issues on numerous occasions, the problems keep coming back. We are continuously stressed out over these issues.

“The first day we moved in it there was problems with the electrics which caused a blackout,” he said.

Mr Sinthichai then went on to list further problems the couple have encountered which includes:

1. A leak behind the garage which flooded the bathroom.

2. Leaking drainpipes.

3. Leak in second floor bathroom causing damage to first floor.

4. Problems with supporting beam.

C and C Marine

5. Walls made of styrofoam.

6. Windows not installed correctly and allow rain water leak into property.

“We cannot deal with this situation any more. We have a four-year-old child who is always slipping and falling on wet floors because of the leaks. We have been through a hard time saving money to buy this house and we hope to keep it for our daughter.

“We are certainly not living as the families in the company’s advertising shows,” he said.

“We asked the company to be more responsible, but they said they have already repaired the leakage for us. They have been fixing it repeatedly for three years, and each time they do new issues surface. I have asked the company to buy back this house but they refused and said they do not have a buy back policy.

“Right now we are not happy with this house because we feel the foundation is not safe and the house is below standard. I want the company to buy it back and I hope officials from Damrongdhama and Consumer Protection will help settle this hurdle,” Mr Sinthachai concluded.

A representative from the company declined to comment on this specific case but did say that the company will issue a statement at a later date and will allow relevant officials handle the customer’s complaint.



The Phuket News
The Phuket News
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swerv | 16 November 2016 - 07:30:10

Kurt: I own my properties freehold through my Thai entity, i don't have a lease.
My maintenance costs are very low, about 10-20k per property per annum plus an average 5k site fees for security, garbage, club house etc.

Also, properly structured 30 year leases can be extended.

The Phuket News

Kurt | 15 November 2016 - 12:58:16

swerve, I was asking about it, because after my first comment about that police check point ( in another PN article) you were lamenting reacting about my writing regarding lunch, dinner and night times. 
Actually clearly times there that they check not very well, I noticed. 
And it was you who wrote about the reason about it.  ( meal hours and so) 

Regarding renting property, when the lease of a house here expiries you end up with nothing at all as well.
You forget to mention the maintenance during 30 years!

And when you own a condo ( freehold!), you pay monthly enormous service and maintenance charges.
Electric bill charges are sometimes twice of what you really consume.
Service and maintenance charges are big business on Phuket.

What you pay monthly for service and maintenance charges can be as high as what you pay as renting a property.

Point is: Your simple calculation you wrote is a fantasy.
Just as you wrote,...a 'let's say' thing....

O swerv: And don't forget the starting point, the article here above in PN about that thai couple's property disaster they go through.
They are not the first one, and will be not the last one.

Remember the Ace One project scam, in Patong, opposite Patong hospital entrance?
These thai and foreign owners already end up with nothing before they could move in ( as nothing built yet), not speaking about your  ...end up with nothing after 30 years,...hehehe.

Buying property on Phuket is risky. Renting is not.

The Phuket News

swerv | 15 November 2016 - 10:52:48

Kurt: Not sure why you want me to comment on drugs entering Phuket? You blame the police at tatatchai check point. Well i go though the checkpoint regularly and i can tell you those guys do a pretty good job. They stop tons of drugs coming into Phuket.
The problem with Phuket is that it is an island with a million places for a boat to come ashore.

Regarding renting a property, it does not matter what monthly figure you use, the end result is the end up with nothing.

The Phuket News

malczx7r | 15 November 2016 - 10:26:49

Singapore use the English electric system, not the woefully outdated American system, no fuses in plugs is just about the most basic error you can make, yes the wiring standards are atrocious here, but then i have seen builders doing electric work who clearly have no idea on electrical standards, I heard from a fellow electrician friend who has lived here 20 years there are some standards of electrical here but like everything else, no-body bothers following any rules.

The Phuket News

Kurt | 15 November 2016 - 10:05:37

And swerve: your reaction on my comment of 14th,--> "Singapore-Singapore-Singapore ( here below).

Did you read PN article that a Thai Phuket business consortium vow's a Singapore-style bus network?
Did you read in BangkokPost that thai ministery of education officials + school headmasters went to Singapore to study the education system there and returned enthusiast with many fresh international ideas to implement in thai education system? ( Now wait and see or it happens).
Did you overlook my writing that there is no need to invent the wheel, when you can copy existing good things of Singapore for the benefit of the thai people?
All implementing in the thai cultural setting and way of life?
has nothing to do with apples & pears.

You writings suggest I want Thailand to become a 2nd Singapore, no, far from that.
And you know that, I wrote that already several times.

Your reactions ( not comments) are a short minded cheap Charlie, suggestive, and quite (anti) personal.

But so far you did not react on my writing to you about the poor Phuket border province bridge police control on drugs and arms.
You are very selective in reacting, swerve. Quite simple.

The Phuket News

Kurt | 15 November 2016 - 09:41:10

swerv: Wrong thinking. 
First of all when you rent long term, let say by the year, your rent is cheaper.

Secondly,Your 30k per month you just grip out of the air, there is much cheaper to rent at pleasant areas.
Third, Who rents a place for 20 years on Phuket?
Most thai build houses are ready to be demolished after 20 years anyway.
Fourth,  Most houses 'bought' are actually a 30 year lease. After 30 years you have nothing anyway.
And about rent increase, well, owners now lower rent as there is so much available.
I have friends they started to pay monthly 7000 thb lesser in rent to owner., ..please, stay...  ,as many thai house owners are in debt with personal bank accounts.

swerve, your thinking .."lets say" a bit passed time thinking, it doesn't match with the present Phuket situation.
Sounds a bit you are preaching for your own property business protection?

The Phuket News

swerv | 14 November 2016 - 16:25:33

Kurt: Your expert opinion is to rent?

So lets say you are renting at 30k per month that is 360k per annum. You rent for 20 years at a cost of 7.2mthb ( providing no increase in rent which is highly unlikely)and what do you have at the end of the day? Nothing.
Sounds like good advice to me.

The Phuket News

Kurt | 14 November 2016 - 15:22:43

Mr Farangled, thank you for your reaction on my comment.
Well, you red PN article about what the thai couple has gone through the last few years with 'their' thai developer.
I don't need to say more about that.
About Singapore:
I always say... Implement the good laws and technical things of Singapore, like building laws, traffic law enforcement, corruption free land offices, a excellent functioning police force, etc, etc, but keep the thai culture.

It is a shame how thai are cheating  thai, as clearly obvious in this article.

For info about Singapore, well, look on internet, or take a 1 hr 20 min flight to  Changi airport, ( the best in the world), experience the fine immigration service at Changi Airport, the parking facilities there, the no corruptible transport service all over Singapore island, same size as Phuket.
For all your private enquirements I direct you to non corruptible Singapore authorities.
When you return to Phuket and have to undergo the primitive hussle and bussle at International Phuket Airport of this moment, and 2 next years, you will understand my 'Singapore thinking'.

But I live happy on Phuket, as I was able to single out all the negative things.
Not use taxis, were are the taxis any way all over Phuket, like in Singapore?
We friends, drive each other to and from Phuket airport privately, single out the transport mafia.
International flights to abroad? ( world wide)
Fly from Phuket domestic to Bangkok, single out the Phuket airport immigration. Do immigration stop in BKK.

So much we can do to go around and ignore the Phuket 'problems'.
Problems mostly created with a certain purpose.

The Phuket News

swerv | 14 November 2016 - 15:20:51

Kurt: Singapore, Singapore, Singapore?
If Singapore is so great why are you here?
You can't compare Phuket to Singapore, i have stated this many times but you don't listen. You are comparing apples with pears.

The Phuket News

Farangled | 14 November 2016 - 14:57:24

Mr Kurt, always i read your comments with interest of greatness. I very interested about you always comment about Phuket compare to Singapore. Your comment now make me want to leave this once beautiful island and move to Singapore, I would like to meet you when i go to buy my new property, I take it you live there as you always refer to there many times.
Please Mr Kurt tell me more about this wonderful Singapore, perhaps you can give me advice on Visa application, work permit procedure, of course marriage, and all you think will help me in my move there.

The Phuket News
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