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Phuket’s chocolate queen

PHUKET: In certain circles Natchaya ‘Amp’ Suebsak, the owner of the Phuket franchise of KoKoa Hut, is known as the Chocolate Queen. Although many women may claim it so, for Amp, chocolate is quite literally her life, but it took her almost dying to realise it.

Saturday 15 December 2012, 09:29AM

Khun Amp.

Khun Amp.

“I was born in Phuket and my parents were government officers, so it was naturally expected for me to have a professional ‘serious’ job. So after high school, I went to Bangkok and studied Communication Arts.”

Like students all over the world, Amp enjoyed her student days, and referred to herself as an ‘active and confident’ person. She met lots of people and had a great time in the capital and was thinking about the next step of her life, which was to be a Masters degree at the Faculty of Communication Arts.

However that all changed when she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

“At that moment, my dream just stopped and I decided to come back to Phuket.”

Luckily through the Thai Red Cross Society donated a kidney and she eventually recovered. Amp has had a new kidney for three years now and has achieved much in that time, large in part because of inspiring outlook.

“I believe that anything is possible. If we do something with love, faith and confidence and always listen to your heart, you will be fine.”

Laguna Golf Phuket

Once Amp got her new kidney, she started work at True Cooperation, first as a freelance host, then on the radio and then as a PR. “After a while I realised that I wanted to have my own small business and as fate would have it I met the Events Manager of KoKoa Hut Chocolate.”

The reason that she decided to leave a job in which she was highly qualified and experienced and instead go into the chocolate business was a simple and rather endearing one.

“It’s because I love chocolate,” explains Amp with a smile, “So this made me quite sure that I wanted to this business and have more shops in Phuket. I also think ‘KoKoa Hut’ is very interesting.”

A stand out feature of the company for Amp is KoKoa Hut’s use of Thai fruit and cereal to create a uniquely Thai taste. Amp’s favourites include Suncho (chocolate covered sunflower) and Duiro (chocolate-coated durian).

Amp’s plans for the future include opening up a ‘KoKoa Hut Chocolate Shop’, the likes of which can only be found in Bangkok. In the meantime, however, chocoholics can purchase KoKoa Hut products from Phuket HomePro Village, Tiny Coffee and McDonald’s.

The secret to Amp’s success and happiness is one and the same: “I have managed to find something that I love. I don’t try to focus on the performance too much, because mine is a business of pleasure. I am delighted whenever I see customers with a happy smile. This I consider success.”



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