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Phuket art: Naïve expressions of MOM

PHUKET: Full-time artist, wife, mother, teacher, blogger, painter, and poet, Paulina Constancia – a Filipino-Canadian based in Singapore – sat down with The Phuket News to talk about her latest collection Moments of Motherhood or simply, MOM.

By Anthika Muangrod

Wednesday 19 March 2014, 05:58PM

Paulina Constancia.

Paulina Constancia.

Showcased from February 24-27 at the Gallery Café by Pinky’s new location’ on Yaowarad Rd in Phuket Town, the travelling exhibition was initially launched in March last year in Indonesia, and also exhibited in Japan last August.

My art is my passion and my life. The highlight of my work is that I portray very personal themes. They are like a visual diary of the chapters of my life,” she said.

Paulina identified her style as a kind of “Naïve Art”, citing a definition from the Gallery for International Naïve Art or GINA as a style “characterised by a refreshing innocence and the charming use of bright colors, child-like perspective and [an] idiosyncratic scale that portrays simple, easily understandable and often idealised scenes of everyday life.”

Asked about her preferred choice of medium, she said, “I like to experiment, so every time I make a new collection, there is always a fresh new twist to the way I render my art. The themes of my work are very personal and heartfelt, thus painting with a more natural flow and no rules best capture my stories and sentiments on canvas.”

Paulina, who has been painting since the early 1990s, continued, “I like to experiment with different media and I enjoy working on different themes. Life experiences – my own and of those I cross paths with, inspire me to create art.”

The artist revealed to The Phuket News that one of the main inspirations for creating the MOM exhibition is being a mother herself, to a four year-old, and her latest collection expresses some tender mother and child moments.

Asked about other drives, she said, “I am delighted when people find a connection with my work and if the affinity for it is strong enough for them to desire to purchase the piece, I do welcome that. However, I have no target customers. I paint for myself.”

Aside from channeling her feelings and emotions through painting, Paulina also loves to articulate her thoughts through words.

After this travelling exhibition, I am going to get back to my writing. I want to start writing a new book of short stories,” she revealed.

Paulina encourages readers to do things they love, something she believes in part of a healthy life.

You don’t need to be a professional artist to be creative. Everybody needs some form of creative outlet,” she said.

At press time, MOM was exhibiting in George Town, Penang, Malaysia, with an eye towards Singapore next month before wrapping up in the Philippines in May.

A permanent collection of her works can be viewed at the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art in Cebu, Philippines (mona-cebu.com). For more information, visit paulinaconstancia.com

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