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Phuket art exhibition reflects the fabric of life

PHUKET: Former textile designer Christiane ‘Jani’ Wyler has combined her knowledge of fabric with unique artistic insight for her first exhibition, which showcases her sunset- and flower-inspired works.

By Jody Houton

Thursday 17 October 2013, 04:39PM

Jani explains that for the works in the exhibition, which is entitled ‘Reflection of Nature’, rather than capture a physical representation of a sunset, she instead tried to convey the memory and impression.

“The thing about sunsets is that they are incredibly difficult to take a photo of, or rather they rarely capture the intent of the photo, as they’re almost always disappointing and can never live up to the moment.”

As well as the sunset pieces, Jani will also display a series of flowers that she has drawn over the years. Despite their very different subjects, both collections were made using a similar method.

“It’s an organic process really. At first I have a concept of what I will do, then I work with the fabric, crunching it and learning what the material does.”

After painting on a board, Jani uses pieces of transparent fabric to provide different levels and depth.

She likes to use natural and organic materials in her work. For example, in one elegant piece she combines the locally available materials coconut fibre and fish scales.

For Jani, it is perfectly natural, almost essential to use a variety of textiles and textures, as she has been involved in the textile industry ever since she moved to Switzerland from Germany in 1980.

“Switzerland used to be the place for this – high end fashion textiles and so on – but that changed and it’s more likely found in India now. Then I moved into textile design for air planes.

“I’ve always been interested in art and the use of textiles, but when I moved to Singapore [15 years ago], I had more time to focus on it.”

Jani sees the art scenes in Singapore and Phuket as completely different, but no less significant.

“In Singapore, the galleries have more power and influence, but the Phuket scene is much fresher.”

The opening night of ‘Reflections on Nature’, is at Mom Tri’s Gallery on October 19 at 7pm. The exhibition runs until December 12.


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