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Phuket: Andaman Sea secrets

Phuket: Andaman Sea secrets

CAST AWAY: Hello again, my ofishinado friends. Having been out three or four times a week during January, I have to report fishing has been mediocre at best with the average catch being a few tuna plus the odd Dorado.

By Jimmy Stewart

Thursday 21 February 2013, 06:05PM

Koh Ha, south of Phi Phi.

Koh Ha, south of Phi Phi.

Even a three day trip to Koh Ha, Koh Rok and Hin Dang proved uninspiring, although this beautiful area is usually quite prolific.

Most overnight fishing trips go to the Similan Islands, and many of our fishing fraternity are unaware of the delights of Koh Ha, Koh Rok and Hin Dang.

Koh Ha – ha means five in Thai – is a group of uninhabited islands just south of Phi Phi and Kho Ma.

This to me is a magical anchorage where the characters from the Harry Potter books would not seem out place.

Weird rock formations, a small beach and crystal-clear waters make for great swimming and a magnificent overnight anchorage. It is by far my favorite Andaman Sea destination.

Koh Rok is well named, as its west coast is mostly a high cliff with a few sea caves at water level.

It is actually two islands, with a navigable channel between them that allows access to pristine sandy beaches along the east coast.

Hin Daeng is a group of small rocks about 100 km southeast of Phuket, normally brilliant fishing as these dangerous waters are avoided by commercial boats, whose nets would be torn to shreds.

Anchoring there on a still night can be the best bottom fishing in the Andaman Sea, although trollers have to be wary of the many pesky divers who frequent this magnificent underwater mountain.

The last Sunday of the month saw the monthly Wahoo RBFC fishing trip turn into a mini competition with seven boats checking out their gear prior to Wahoo 2013.


In a sad addendum to this month’s column, I have a tale of bad form to share.

On Friday, February 8, a fellow RBFC member and I went fishing, trolling only two lines around Racha.

The Thai crew member of another boat waved us off after cutting across our bow, only to return and deliberately cut one of our lines by passing too close to our stern.

I was told by my friend that it was the second time this had happened.

When we returned to port, another boat operator said it could be because we had no Thai crew members but were “two farangs on our own.”

Is this the tuk-tuk wars spilling over into the fishing community? I sincerely hope not!

To that fishing crew: shame on you, you are a disgrace to the local fishing community, a blight on everything the fishing clubs are trying to do for you, Phuket tourism and the sport.  May your barnacles turn into blisters!

Tight lines,


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