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Photos of naked casino dealers shock police

Photos of naked casino dealers shock police

Photographs of naked women dealing cards and facilitating gambling have hit Thai internet pages, TAN Network reported.

Monday 23 January 2012, 08:54AM

The photographs show the women surrounded by gamblers with Thai signs explaining gambling rules and Thai money being used to bet at the tables. It is believed the illegal casino is located in Thailand, the news service reported.

These photographs have been widely forwarded on the Internet over the past couple of days. In one of the shots, the woman, standing bare chested in a group of gamblers, has the duty of rolling the dice.


However, so far, no one has been able to identify exactly where the casino is located. If it it found, local police officers in the area could be found guilty of malfeasance.

Acting Deputy Metropolitan Police Commander Police Lieutenant General Pisit Pisutsak said he is still unsure if the photographs are genuine, however if the dens are found in Bangkok, perpetrators will be convicted according to the law.

– TAN Network

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