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Patong shopping mall seals off areas as structural pillars crumble

Patong shopping mall seals off areas as structural pillars crumble

PHUKET: Patong Mayor Chalermluck Kebsup and Kathu District Chief Sayan Chaichanawong yesterday (June 8) led a team of engineers to inspect the structural integrity of the supporting pillars in the car park and underground shopping area at Patong's main shopping mall, Jungceylon.

By The Phuket News

Thursday 9 June 2016, 11:46AM

The inspection followed anonymous tip-offs, said Patong Municipality Chief Engineer Surapon Buakaew. “I received information from people who do not want to be named about it,” he told The Phuket News yesterday.

However, by the time his team of engineers from Patong Municipality’s Public Works Division arrived yesterday, Jungceylon management had already closed off the area, with signs saying, “Under Renovation. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

“I told them to keep the area closed and ensure the structure was reinforced with supports. We sent a report of the damage to the Patong Mayor, Ms Chalermluck,” Mr Surapon said.

However, the team of municipal engineers has yet to confirm the cause and extent of the damage.

Kathu District Sayan said that his office had the power to seal off the area for public safety, but added that Jungceylon management had already agreed to work together with the council engineers, who will return today (June 9) to continue their inspection and assessment of the damage to the structure.


A source at Phuket Square Co Ltd (Jungceylon) told The Phuket News, “So far we have only found damage to the pillars. We are coordinating with engineers from Patong Municipality to investigate further.

“We have already closed off the Port Area (open air zone) and the underground market called That’s Siam. The areas will remain closed off until this has been rectified completely and properly.

“We assure you that this damage does not affect any of the main buildings,” she said.

Jungceylon management will reveal more details at a press conference to be held later today, she said.

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boost | 12 June 2016 - 08:01:15

The main problem there is the water in the pond for the water-show. No care, no test and it is highly corrosive and fouling. It will destroy all in its way. They need to repair everything every short time, and have been advised and warned, with no action. Better cure than prevent.

Kurt | 10 June 2016 - 15:42:14

Yes, scary indeed.
And this is yet about pillars you can see/observe.
How about pillars not visible?
And are the remaining good pillars strong enough to take over from the crumbling pillars?
Or may it go to create a chain reaction in crumbling?

" We assure you that this damage does not affect any of the main buildings, she said".
Wow, that is a very quick conclusion while the cau...

Boatie | 10 June 2016 - 15:26:00

Putting a 'jacket' around a damaged support column does not address the issue as to why the columns are suffering structural failure.
A 'jacket' is a temporary measure only not a solution.

With 4 columns suffering structural damage, the compressive loads on those columns, will be taken up by adjacent columns,for which the design criteria may not have taken into account.


Jome | 09 June 2016 - 21:21:19

Its not bit scary...its really scary..This indicates there is a basic structural problem in the foundations or with the complete structure...I wonder how they will try to cover this up.....

Boatie | 09 June 2016 - 20:47:02

Looking at the photo there appears to be lateral movement, hence the misalignment of the facing aspect of the pillar.

The horizontal crack above the major movement supports this.The photo shows maybe some  deformation of the rebar.

There is no apparent evidence of corrosion of the rebar.Spec for the rebar diameter needs too be checked.

The surrounding columns will have to take up the desi...

slippery snake | 09 June 2016 - 14:45:59

That\'s a bit scary !  hopefully it is just under the open area above, and not under the actual shops !!  


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