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Online 90-day reports now possible in Phuket

Online 90-day reports now possible in Phuket

PHUKET: It has been confirmed that, as of April 1, foreigners living or staying long-term in Phuket can do a 90-day report online to Immigration.

By Matt Pond

Friday 24 April 2015, 03:25PM

What the digitally-produced report looks like.

What the digitally-produced report looks like.

When the system was originally launched, it could be used only by those in Bangkok. The system is now available countrywide.

So far, the online system can be used only with the Internet Explorer browser.

Speaking with The Phuket News today, Phuket Immigration Superintendent, Pol Col Sanchai Chokkajaykij said, “The online system has officially been in use since April 1, giving more channels for foreigners to submit their 90-day report to Immigration, and it is more convenient.”

However, Col Sanchai warned that online reporting can be done only in advance, between eight and 15 days before the due date.

Those who miss this window must report to Immigration in person. Anyone reporting more than seven days late will be fined B2,000.

The online process appears to be relatively straightforward:

  • Go to the website.

  • Select English language (unless you can read Thai).

  • Click on the "Notification of staying over 90 days" tab on the left of the page.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click where it says ʻnotification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days via Internet̕. This will open a new page with an explanation of the online process.

  • Once you have read the information select, ʻI have read and fully understand the above terms and agree to accept them̕, and click “Accept̕. You will then be taken to Part 1 of the application process.

    Kvik Phuket
  • Complete the fields as require, enter the CAPTCHA password and click ʻSubmit̕. This will take you to Part 2 of the process.

  • Again, complete the fields as required and press 'Submit'. This will lead you to Part 3.

  • Check that all information in Part 3 is correct. If any details are wrong go ‘Back’ and re-input the details. When all is correct, select ‘I have read and fully understand the above terms and agree to accept them’ and click ‘Accept’.

  • You are now at the acknowledgement page. Make a note of your reference number or print the PDF confirmation.

  • After five days you can go back to the website and click again on the "Notification of staying over 90 days" tab and check on your application status using either your reference number or passport details.

  • Once you see that the status is marked "Approved̕" click on the "view" option next to it. From this you will be able to download and print a PDF of your 90-day report.

  • This report must be kept in your passport at all times. It shows the next date you are due to make a notification.

 Please note:

  • The website states, "Failure to provide correct information or failure to provide all information required for the online application form may affect your chances of applying for an online 90-day report."

Col Sanchai said that anyone leaving information out or including incorrect information (including typing mistakes) will have to apply in person, but will be allowed to apply online on the next occasion.

He denied an online report that anyone arriving at Immigration more than seven days after the due date will be barred from using the online system, though they will be fined.

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| 12 June 2015 - 18:12:52

It's just too bad in typical Thai style that the system does not work..I try 12.6.2015, have Explorer but after first side can submit but not jum to side two...only for moore Information you can ask the immi.from your area....

OzMoneyman | 25 April 2015 - 11:17:09

It's just too bad in typical Thai style that the system does not work.(I am amazed that this news reporter and the paper didn't try it first).


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