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No more bull: World champ breeder dies

Friday 23 March 2012, 09:58AM

Jocko Besne achieved the dream of most males – becoming a world champion breeder. He was so successful at spreading his seed, in fact, that he had at least 161,888 offspring, and didn’t even pay child support.

Made all the more impressive, he achieved this monumental feat by the age of just 27, before he died of natural causes. To clarify, Jocko was a bull.


Central Phuket

Jocko was the sire – literally in at least 161,888 and perhaps as many as 400,000 cases – of the Prim’Holstein race of cattle, the main French strain of the black and white Holstein or Friesian breed of milk-producing cows.

“He was the star of French livestock rearing and one of the last stars in world breeding,” said David Leguyader, spokesman for the Creavia cooperative. 

In his career, Jocko donated 1.7 million doses of sperm.



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