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Public Notice
Wednesday 31 July 2019, 06:01PM
Due to the case on the 14th May, 2019, which Mr. William James Dalrymple West filed the lawsuit against Mr. Michael Lawrence in regards to accused at Phuket Provincial Court, as the Criminal Case No. Or.539/2019. My name is Michael Lawrence. I have been living in Thailand for many years and own a frequented establishment in Phuket Town. Over the years I have met many people, one of which is a man called William James D West. I met him in my bar as he used to visit it on occasion before going to another establishment for dinner on the adjacent soi. I never really got to know him very well but was aware of him as someone to say hi to, years ago we had an argument in the bar one day that became heated, and we didn’t really speak again. Over the years, I heard that William was involved with some kind of technology company doing something with artificial intelligence, the company he founded is called Invacio, but I didn’t really understand it very much. Sometime in early 2018, someone who knew William told me that there was a new sister company to Invacio in the Seychelles that was called Invacio AAP holdings and this was raising funds to begin providing artificial intelligence services for all kinds of regular people and not commercial or government organisations which are more their focus, this new company had its own payment system called INV. I had heard tokenized currency was a bad thing and because I already fell out with him, I began to think William was not a good person. I decided I could maybe do something to stop him and started to share my opinion about him with other people that I knew. I told many people that William West was a bad person and that he was doing bad things in tokenized currency space. Something that made it look bad, and so helped me with what I was trying to do was that the entire tokenized currency space as a whole was crashing in value, more than 98%, including INV. The entire market reduced in value from 900 billions of dollars to a fraction of its previous worth. The entire fledgeling market almost vanishing in the space of a year this created a breeding ground of resentment and allegations not just for INV but for the entire tokenized space.  As a foreigner living in Thailand, I sometimes use online websites to keep up with current news using the English websites for local newspapers like the Phuket News and also some chat groups for ex-pats. One such person was someone that used to have dealings with William, this individual was creating a smear campaign which included lewd photoshopped images, or offcuts of conversations against Invacio, and William, I decided to involve myself more deeply in this, I even provided a statement that William was a drug user. Using my statement alongside video clips taken from a video the other two had access to, a video was created using a combination of images from private online conversations and clips from the video and many other elements. The video was as destructive as it could be, calling William a drug taker, criminal, murderer, scammer, and fraud. Then it was released all over the internet. I said these things even though I had never seen William on drugs and never really understood anything connected to his company, the technology or. I made many comments and liked and shared a lot of things I found online which were negative about William and his company Invacio. I didn’t think about what I was doing and didn’t really think about the damage I could be causing to William’s reputation or the safety of the many staff associated to the companies, I was sure I was right. It came as a huge surprise when I was suddenly served papers for a criminal case. When that happened I went online to see if I could find real proof about the illegal activities I had been describing because if I could prove what I had been in part creating that Invacio or William was a scam, it would be a simple win of a case, what I found was something completely different from what I thought I would. I found a company that had many, many products and services available. Operating in finance projections (, social media (, communications ( and loop), video analysis (for crypto, finance, politics and general business ). Invacio also offers cleansed data for multiple sectors via and commercial data analysis capabilities via aside from those, invacio also has its own blockchain solution to offer for commercial use. Partnerships with Universities across Asia which even send students to Invacio to gain real-world experience in AI systems, and multiple evidence of Invacio’s involvement at the United Nations in Geneva alongside prior addresses at the UN.ESCAP (page4) or meetings with various companies such as Telkom Indonesia, and more. I also found a video similar to the original one we used in our smear campaign but different as it was recorded at night and not daytime as I remembered the first one I saw was which we had used in making the one we released. I saw a group of people fighting to keep their company together and having to constantly refute rumours and lies that I helped to start and spread, which was having a negative impact on the safety of the companies staff and operations. I also discovered that the people I had aligned myself with during this unwarranted hate campaign against William and the company he founded, Invacio, were in fact far from the innocent affected individuals I had thought them to be. One had been released from contract by Invacio sometime before and was in fact accused of a number of activities which are currently being pursued at a criminal level. There are rumours around that at least one of the 2 individuals i conspired with, if not both, are truly and deeply involved in some exceptionally bad online activities themselves and are simply deflecting attention onto William. I was summoned to court, whereby on meeting William face to face, he made it clear his interest was not to cause harm, but to set the record straight, if he was or had done anything illegal, unethical, then he would suffer the consequences, if he had not, his interests were purely in the safety of the staff and the reputation of the Group. My lawyers in light of the facts and evidence presented by William’s legal team pleaded guilty at my behest, and rather than putting me through an ordeal of criminal charges brought by the court, or possible for punitive damages, I instead was invited to set the record straight in the public. I cannot apologise enough for the statements I have made and the damage I have caused. My activities were entirely unwarranted and without merit. To William, his Staff and their families, I extend my unreserved apologies for the damage to your reputations and livelihoods and ask that you forgive me.