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Movie Night: Drive-in memories

PHUKET: A fond childhood memory for many in their 30s and 40s (or at least for me) is the drive-in cinema. I was fortunate enough to be best friends with a girl who lived over the road from our local drive-in, and I remember once watching Crocodile Dundee as we bounced on the trampoline in her backyard.

By Kerrily Jennings

Wednesday 23 April 2014, 02:01PM

Sadly this is not likely to be a family tradition which will continue, as drive-in cinemas have disappeared in many countries. But get ready to fight back, as we get the ball rolling with our free – yes, free – Open Air Movie Night, presented by Oasis ed. Phuket at the Book Café in Rawai. Although we can’t fit a station wagon in the viewing area, you’re welcome to perch on your motorbike.

As a family-friendly event, on the last Saturday of each month a kids movie will be screened at about 6pm, followed by something for the adults after. The first Open Air Movie Night for 2014 will be tomorrow (Saturday, April 26), so get off the couch and get outside to enjoy a movie with some friends.

For more information, contact Kez at Oasis ed. Phuket via info@oasisedphuket.com or 084 946 2171.

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