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More than 1,000 dead in Libya: former Kadhafi aide

Thursday 24 February 2011, 10:36PM

 The uprising in Libya has left more than 1,000 people dead, 600 in the capital alone, Moamer Kadhafi's former protocol chief Nouri el-Mismari told AFP Wednesday.

Mismari, who came to France late last year for health reasons, said the insurrection had so far left "more than 1,000 people dead in all of Libya" but did not say what information his estimate was based on.

On Tuesday, Libya's regime said 300 people had been killed in the protests, but the International Federation for Human Rights (IFHR) said on Wednesday that at least 640 had died.

"It's very very serious. Libyans won't stop", to end his 41-year rule, Mismari said. "This is the end of Moamer Kadhafi."

"Moamer Kadhafi does not even have five percent of the country behind him," he said. Members of his clan were "not fighting for him but for themselves".

Mismari whom Tripoli wants extradited said that "mercenaries" were killing masses of people.

"They are shooting blindly" while the air force will not shoot at the people, he added.

Kadhafi "would be lucky to get killed", he said, "if not people will want to put him on trial like Saddam Hussein".

Kadhafi's regime has lost vast swathes of Libya's east to the insurrection, it emerged Wednesday, as the West prepared for a mass exodus from a "bloodbath" in the north African country.

He said Kadhafi had been wearing a bulletproof vest under his clothes and protection "under his turban" during Tuesday's rambling television speech in which he ordered his forces to crush the uprising, warning armed protesters they would be executed and vowing to fight to the end.

The speech was the "speech of a loser", he said.

Mismari is suspected by Tripoli of embezzling public funds, a claim which he denies.

He was arrested in France on November 29 pending his extradition but was freed on December 15.



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