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More Thai families report exuberant mobile bills from Cookie Run game

PHUKET: Yesterday, a number of new reports surfaced of exorbitant bills charged to parents of children who played the game Cookie Run on mobile electronic devices throughout Thailand.

By The Phuket News

Wednesday 25 June 2014, 01:52PM

The latest reports follow The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) on Monday ordering all Thai mobile phone service providers to put a credit cap on users bills, after it was reported that a boy received a B203,000 bill from Advanced Wireless Network, a subsidiary of Advanced Info Service (AIS), incurred from purchases within the game.

In Phitsanulok, officials from Phutthachinnarat Phitthaya School visited the family of a Mathayom 1 (Grade 7) student to inquire about the details of the bill they received.

The amount stated by the bill was close to B200,000, prompting the family to contact the AIS branch at Central Plaza Phitsanulok.

Another case was reported in Phetchaburi, where the in-game purchasing by an 8-year-old boy resulted in a bill with a total of B163,000. The boy's parents said that normally the mobile phone and data usage fees would not exceed B2,000 per month, and they were shocked to see the amount being charged for the May-June period.

The parents have already lodged a complaint with the provincial consumer protection office, and were also planning to take the matter to NBTC.

In Lampang province, the grandparents of an 8-year-old told reporters on Tuesday that B129,000 baht had been deducted from their bank account due to charges incurred from various games played by the child. The local consumer protection network has paid a visit to the family to offer assistance.

In each case, the children claimed that they were unaware that the purchases involved real money.


Advanced Info Service Plc indicated this week it was aware of the inadvertent purchases made through Google Play Store, and had already shut down the service for post-paid users. It also promised to waive the fees inadvertently incurred to all customers.

NBTC secretary-general Thakon Tanthasit said on Monday the order was meant to prevent a repeat of the recent occurrences.

According to NBTC commissioner Prawit Lisathaphon, service providers have been asked to limit in-game purchases to 1,000 baht per bill cycle and are required to send an SMS to notify the user every time a purchase is made. The NBTC is also planning to discuss with Google Thailand on how to prevent such occurrences.

Additional information from the National News Bureau of Thailand 






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