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Meeting Mr Juice Man

PHUKET: Phuket is a place where you can enjoy a ridiculously indulgent and hedonistic lifestyle, though one that unfortunately claims numerous lives every year through heart attacks and other related diseases.

Monday 6 August 2012, 09:12AM

Alternatively, it can be a place where you can pursue a thoroughly healthy and natural lifestyle, owing to the island’s easy access to fresh fruit, food, air and the ocean.

More recently, Phuket has become a place for visitors who have lived life in the former way but perhaps need a little help to finish it in the latter. Hence we have seen more and more rehabilitation centres and various detox programmes introduced on the island.

By and large though, they tend to be rather expensive and especially rather time-consuming. It is for this reason that Glagwegian Ross Brunton hit upon rather a novel idea when he moved to Phuket, less than eight months ago.

“About five months ago I had this idea of opening Clearer Cleanse; a service that delivers fresh juice to your home. It’s good that Phuket has rehabilitation retreats like Atmanjai and Bhavana, but they are not only expensive but also require a lot of time and commitment,which people often do not have.

“So I take and deliver juices to them every day, so they can carry on with their daily life.”

Ross’ daily life begins early. At around 5am, he’s up making juices and can be at a client’s house just when they’re waking up, before the first rumble of the stomach.

For those wanting to do a juice fast, it’s relatively easy; they replace their three daily meals with six juices for a period of between three and six days.

Each day the ‘one size fits all’ process includes two green juices, two red juices, a coconut milk juice and the final one of the evening, which Ross affectionately calls a nut and milk elixir.

Ingredients in the green juices include ingredients such as kale, celery, parsley and apple; while the red juices include beetroot, lemon, ginger, cucumber and carrot.

Although participants may feel weak initially, this is only likely to last for the first day or so. Proponents of the juice fast believe that being freed from having to digest solid foods, which takes up considerable amounts of energy, makes the process of detoxing all that much easier.

And Ross is a man that knows a thing or two about the need for detoxing.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, a city known for its hard drinking culture, Ross knows a thing or two about living an unhealthy life. He used to drink four bottles of red wine per day.

“It all came to a head one day. My energy levels were really low, my skin was in bad shape, there were these weird little indentations on my skin.

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“My liver was in really bad shape, and then my uncle died from cirrhosis of the liver. That was a big wake up call.”

There are many expats on the island who lead shockingly unhealthy lives, removed from the conventions and expectations that living in a home country places on them.

Many men (and some women) tend to experience a second childhood, and push their bodies to the limits. It is these reluctant exercise enthusiasts that Ross would like to help most.

“There are many who are health conscious on the island, but perhaps many more who aren’t. These are the ones that are eating badly and drinking to excess.

“It is these people that will benefit and be ideal for this treatment, because in a way it’s a lazy detox.”

It all starts a few days before you drink your first juice. With the onset of the pre-cleanse, ‘juicers’ are advised to cut out caffeine, alcohol, additives, preservatives and processed or packaged food completely from their diet.

Clearer Cleanse can arrange for a complete pre-cleanse basket containing plenty of organic vegetables and produce to help ease you in, provided by Puraorganic.

Ross believes that the short ‘3 Day Clearer Cleanse’ course is an easy-to-manage first step.

“Often this is just the beginning for people. Once they stop putting anti-nutrients and coffee and alcohol in their blood, they’ll realise the benefits and see how bad those things are for them.”

For more information, visit clearercleanse.com

The Phuket News is not responsible for the outcome or results of following any advice in any situation.

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