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Man eats wife's placenta, taco style

Man eats wife's placenta, taco style

Some people put beef or chicken in their taco, Nick Baines took it several steps further.

By The Phuket News

Wednesday 14 May 2014, 09:58AM

The new father walked out of the hospital along with his wife and newborn son, and a takeaway bag of her placenta.

When Baines, a British journalist, asked the doctor who performed his wife's C-section for the discharge, the surgeon had apparently asked, “How are you going to cook it... with spices?”

Placentophagy (the act of eating placenta, or afterbirth) has been generating lots of buzz in recent years. Even actress January Jones admitted to having taken placenta pills after the birth of her son.

The placenta is said to be packed with iron, vitamins B6 and B12, giving 'diners' more energy and supposedly helps combat postpartum depression, though scientific evidence has yet to corroborate this.

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With so many recipes on how to prepare placenta for consumption, Baines said he decided to try it in a smoothie with bananas and coconuts water. The taste, he said, had a metallic bloody aftertaste and 'looked rank'.

Finally, the Brit found a different method: cook it up and place it in a taco.

“It was tender, kind of like brisket and not dissimilar to Texas BBQ,” he told reporters. 

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