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Lift up your body and soul with halfmoon bend yoga asana

YOGA: This month we are working on a beautiful uplifting asana called upward salute halfmoon bend or urdhva hastasana ardha chandrasana.

By Kim White

Sunday 13 March 2016, 02:07PM

We spend so much of our time folding onto ourselves; when we sit, we slouch and when we stand, we hunch. All of this downward attention is creating a lot of compression around the spine and the midsection, resulting in tight, short muscles and a stuffy circulation. This stuffy circulation around the midsection can create those dreaded love handles and muffin tops.

The uplifting side bend does just that, it uplifts. A great asana to practise fat any part of the day but this stretch always feels amazing after a long sleep.

This asana is an immediate energy booster and you can literally feel the energy build from the feet up! So lets look at the benefits of practising this helpful asana.

• Stretches both sides of the entire body; including the torso, waist, thighs and shins, as well as the belly Stretches and strengthens side waist and oblique muscles
• Stretches and strengthens lower back and psoas muscles
• Great Spinal movement and stretch
• Tones the thighs
• Improves digestion
• Stretches the shoulders and armpits
• Helps relieve mild anxiety
• Therapeutic for asthma and congestion
• Creates space between vertebrae, improving posture
• Improves posture
• Stimulates spinal nerves
• Tones upper arms
• Strengthens hips, legs and ankles

1. To enter the pose, begin standing with your feet together. Root the feet down into the ground like you are growing roots.

2. Inhale and raise the arms overhead. Interlock the fingers, with pointer fingers extended (beginners may find it easier to rest one hand on the thigh for support and extend one arm over head, See photos)

3. On another inhalation pull your stomach back to the spine and up to the chest and lift the chest. Extend through the arms and torso.

4. Exhale and bend to the right from the side waist. Hold with steady breath for 10-20 seconds then

QSI International School Phuket

5. inhale and lift the torso back to the upright position.

6. Exhale bend to the left side. Hold for 10 – 20 seconds then

7. inhale and lift torso back to upright position. To exit the pose, release the arms to the sides. Repeat 5-10 times.

I am honoured once again to share yoga with you, have a great month of March and happy stretching

                                                                                                                  Kim oxo

Kim White is the owner of Sala Samadhi. She offers authentic Hatha yoga instruction for private and group sessions. Contact: or 086 276 9174.

The opinions and advice contained in this column are those of the author only. The Phuket News is not responsible for the outcome or results of following any advice in any situation.



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