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Island of surprises

PHUKET: Phuket takes me by surprise on a daily basis. I went to Patong over Easter and felt transported to a distant city, which was a nice (although chaotic) change; we mostly spend our days in the Old Town, marveling at the architecture and enjoying a non farang-price meal.

Friday 20 April 2012, 05:00PM

Our little 4 year-old got her face painted like a bunny and proceeded to do a dance performance in front of about 50 Chinese and Thai spectators, who snapped pics of her improv skills. Prior to that we had enjoyed a few pints accompanied by onion rings at Full Moon Brewery. Why isn’t this place right next door to us? Good thing it isn’t as I would probably never leave.

The outing reminded me just how much there is to do here, and how often I take the island for granted. Sure, I’m not a fan of the prices in Patong, nor the throngs of tourists. But it was a treat, something different. I remember the first time we went to town and visited the temples.

The quiet, small buildings that have a deep history and place in the community are my favorite part of the island. We are spoiled to have such cultural delicacies on the island, and yet at times I feel myself complaining about what we lack.


My daughter likes to remind us just how lovely the island is, despite its apparent flaws. She proudly tells anyone who inquires as to where she’s from that she is a Phuketian. She wants to be clear about that. In her mind this is her island, and she is slowly picking up some Thai, to the amusement of our friends and neighbors.

She also happens to have my love of ‘odd’ foods, such as bitter gourd and has thus been adopted by a restaurant close to my husband’s office. She in fact works there now, so you can stop on over and have some made by a 4 year-old farang. You’ll see her behind the counter, spending at least an hour pouring ice into the cups.

Phuket has a lot to offer in a myriad of senses, and it’s a shame I need reminding of that. Most of us do.

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