Introducing the Trang Music Festival

Boom Boom Cash, Bedroom Audio, Room 39, Scrubb – what do these peculiar names all have in common? They’re all hot, talented Thai bands headlining the inaugural Trang Music Festival to help beat the Songkran heat next month.

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Friday 21 March 2014, 05:09PM

To be held on April 14 at the serene Ratchamongkol Beach – just the other side of the majestic karsts near Pak Meng Beach – TMF 2014 is set to be the largest and most memorable open-air music concert that Southern Thailand has ever witnessed, with organisers expecting a turn-out of more than 12,000 people.

“We’ve already sold 7,000 tickets so far and still have a month to go before the concert date. Usually, we get about 10,000 people coming to this beach on Songkran anyway,” said Ms Thanalak Chakratok of the organisers, EventAsia Co Ltd.

Ms Thanalak explained that the location was chosen to “promote an incredible Andaman [Sea] beach, a must-travel place in Trang.”

We will close off the entire beach on the 14th, which will be a special day because it happens to be a full moon that night!” she exclaimed.

In addition to the bands mentioned above, there will also be showings by soft and sweet female vocalist Kanitkul “Praew” (formerly of the X3 Super Gang band) as well as the popular Southern Thai trio, Whatcharawalee, plus, a hip, modern rock group, the Musketeers – straight out of Chiang Mai.

The main event will feature arguably one of the most famous Thai rock acts – Moderndog (who rank up there with Carabao and Loso).

If you’re not familiar with any of the bands or songs, don’t worry – all the locals will be, and when thousands are all singing together in perfect unison, it won’t be long before you’re murmuring along and become one with the unique synergism of music, crowds and ocean.

While there is a reasonable selection of hotels and resorts nearby, especially for those who start planning now – dirt cheap (or sand cheap to be more precise) accommodation will be on offer right on the beach.

Festival goers need not worry about going anywhere. We’ll have tents for rent, which will already be set up. There will also be stalls selling food and drinks, as much as you can eat and drink all night long,” assured Ms Thanalak.

The beach will open up at around 1pm, with the heat-beating excitement to kick off with a “Fun Foam Party” facilitated by more than 10 machines, with the first concert to get underway by 5pm, and the final show concluding around 2am.

Tickets are B1,000. For more information, see




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