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How to shed those extra pounds

The weight loss industry is overcomplicated and makes the whole process of information overload unnecessary. The overwhelming information, on just about everything, only confuses people and makes them purchase useless products all the time.

By The Phuket News

Sunday 8 February 2015, 08:00AM

New Year’s weight loss resolutions would simply go away if people could shut out all of the distracting noise and just do Holistic Chef Barry’s 7 rules of thumb tips for achieving effective and ever lasting weight loss.

1. Human made products do not support health and weight loss. Only nature direct foods will support weight loss and good health.

2. Address the cause of the obesity condition head-on rather then covering up the problem with a weight loss product. Obesity is a condition of wrongful living and dietary comfort food addictions, usually on a MONO diet plan of eating the same favourite processed foods every day. Chronic dehydration of not getting enough fluids into your body will promote weight gain.

3. Most obese people have candida which is an out of balance fungus yeast condition that feeds on all processed simple sugars in the human diet. This sweet sugary carb diet must be eliminated first to start your weight loss plan.

Powerful herbs such as oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, onions, chives and shallots will destroy candida.

Lemongrass tea, lemons and limes are anti candida. All cultured health supporting fermented sour foods will replace all of the sweet disease promoting foods, all in controlled stages. Note that a weight loss product may work only when the candida problem is corrected and cured.

4. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is missing the key weight loss ingredient: dietary fibre. Increase this essential element with a much higher water and fluid intake throughout every day of your life and the weight will drop, with your regular bowel movements improving.

5. Any organic or healthy foods that you consume will just sit inside your body and do very little for you unless you do exercise. In particular, interval training to increase your metabolism which will burn more fat cells.

Sweating everyday is in fact very good for you, and exercise is best done outside, like in a park or on the beach, or in the garden just as Holistic Chef Barry does.

Sure gym memberships can be beneficial, but did you know that many obese people feel uncomfortable in a closed area surrounded by lean wonderfully fit athletes pumping iron and looking good all the time?

Did you know that America now has gyms only for obese members for this very reason?

6. Are you unwittingly trading Paul for Mary in your attempts to lose weight in your life?

Are you hitting the gym everyday to burn calories and your weight is still hanging on to your body like glue after months of knocking yourself out with no results? Or is there very little to show for all your hard efforts? A lot of people are complaining about this very thing.

One size does not fit all in this industry, and there are so many variables to why a person cannot lose weight, even with a gym membership.

Points to consider are your occupation; age; how long you have lived with obesity; constitution (immune system); where you live and the status of your food supply; your body type: endomorph (muscular), mesomorph (average build), and ectomorph (tall and slim); your past diet and lifestyle. The human body completely replaces all of its blood, organs, skin and bones etc, within a seven year time zone.

The following factors can stop you from achieving your weight loss goal. Four main reasons for weight loss failure, even with a work out regime at the gym everyday.

  • Are you making your own meal plans or is someone else you don’t know making your meal plans for you? Your meal plans can determine your weight loss, whereas someone else's meal plans could equal weight gain.
  • Some protein shakes and commercial body-building food supplements sold at gyms can lead to obesity. How is this possible? Many brands are filled with gluten fillers, artificial flavouring and colourings.
  • Do you exercise on hills? When you do repetitive training for long hours at a time, such as marathon running, your brain can think you are on a starvation lifestyle and will hang on to your fat cells. Interval training is the most effective for fat burning.

Some comfy home tips:

  • Fasting one day per week with no training and just relaxing will encourage even more fat loss as the body can now repair damage from the work outs. During this special day just drink juice and smoothies all day, along with herbal teas.
  • Meditate, do yoga, walk around nature, do some gardening, house work, walk the dog.

Barry is an American living in Phuket. Having suffered from obesity in the past, Chef Barry has learned the culinary arts of working with foods from nature and has dropped more than 100 pounds of excess weight.

Over 20 years, Barry conducted extensive research about the weight loss industry. Barry lives with his Thai Family at the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Health Residence.



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Sunnydee | 03 June 2015 - 04:59:26

I any very impressed with your article very informative

ronnyjb | 22 February 2015 - 00:14:07

Great information Barry.  You are an inspiration and when I feel I'm getting off track, I think of your plan and get right back on track again.  Keep up your hard work.  We all appreciate it

HolisticChefBarry | 20 February 2015 - 22:07:01

Thank You all friends for all of your comments and likes for my Feature article on Weight Loss and many more Natural Health issues to come for posting in the health and wellness section of the Phuket News .  This fine newspaper is the voice of the community linving on Phuket Island the perl of the orient located near the southern part of Thailand.  

dwill60513 | 11 February 2015 - 01:19:14

Great Information here for ANYONE who plans on living a long prosperous healthy life!

dwill60513 | 11 February 2015 - 01:19:03

Great Information here for ANYONE who plans on living a long prosperous healthy life!

tracysimmons2 | 09 February 2015 - 21:49:40

Unfortuantely, it doesn't matter how much you eat, but rather how much you exercise.. i remember reading some theory on Daniela May's blog that green coffee helps.. but I have yet to try that to lose around 8 pounds

dan56 | 09 February 2015 - 12:55:58

good info just need the mental fortitude to implement it in daily life

itstom | 08 February 2015 - 18:47:07

Hi Barry,Thank you very much for that wonderful information above keep up the great work and I do follow all your posts on Facebook because all your information has that natural Flavour to it ... Great Job keep it coming... Looking forward to your next post :)

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