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How to be lucky at lotto

PHUKET: Beliefs about how to choose the winning lottery numbers in Thailand are widespread and can vary, but mostly depend on an individual’s personal experiences.

By Wiparatana Nathalang

Friday 18 April 2014, 04:05PM

In general, many believe that one’s luck with the lottery will be a reflection of their karma – how much merit they have or have not accumulated in the present or past life.

To learn more about such beliefs, The Phuket News spoke with several local lottery players and enthusiasts.

Thalang resident Ms Thatsaporn Srisot said, “Nobody can really know the winning numbers for the lottery, but I believe it’s possible to get the right numbers from dreams.”
Ms Thatsaporn said she has appeared in several of her friends’ dreams, details from which provided them with winning numbers.

“One friend dreamt of me and my house. My address in her dream was 88, which she played and won... Whenever my friends dream about me, I tell them to buy a lottery ticket with the numbers 9229, which has won several times.”

Every conversation on this topic always leads to a great hearsay story.

“I heard about a guy who won a B40 million jackpot by using numbers that he derived from the a dry-cleaning ticket attached to a blanket at a hotel he’d stayed... There was an old man who died at the age of 73, and not long after, many villagers won by using his age,” said Ms Thatsaporn.

Asked about big winners she’d known personally, Ms Thatsaportn remarked, “My niece, who is a lotto agent, won B70,000 by using numbers given to her by a client.”

Ms Thatsaporn sometimes advises her friends to buy lottery tickets when times are tough.
“I tell them to pray to Buddha if they are having money problems, and that if they win, they have to give some money back to the temple.”

Beyond visions, dreams or hotel blankets, there are many more common sources for lotto numbers.

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According to Phuket Town resident Manut Suwannaindatorn,“Most buyers get their lottery numbers from their home addresses, or from the numbers on their car or motorcycle license plates.”

However, lottery booth owner, Worrayod Paosathianpan, doesn’t believe there is any particular secret to winning the lottery.

“Winning the lottery is purely up to one’s luck. I once bought all of the leftover lottery tickets and ended up winning all the [secondary] prizes except for the first prize... the average winnings of all those tickets was still less than what I paid. I don’t make much money from selling lottery tickets.”

Another booth owner, Jeerayut Aousakul agrees that the lottery business can be tough.
“It’s a risky business I’m dealing with. I buy a ticket for B75 and sell it for B100... in the end, I only get 7-8 per cent profit. I bought all these lottery tickets from the Bangkok Central Market and Nonthaburi Pier. I don’t always get profit, especially in times like these when nobody has money to spend,” he said.
He went on to emphasise the odds against winning.

“There are thousands of three digit number [combinations] from 000 to 999 to choose from, so to win and get all six numbers correct would require the utmost of luck.”
Perhaps there is some math involved – Jeerayut explained that there are several regularly published leaflets which advise buyers of ‘lucky numbers’, which are apparently based on analysis of previous winning numbers.

Beyond personal experiences, Thailand is full of prevailing superstitions that you should follow to improve your chances at winning the lotto. These are:

• Do not put auspicious items, such as sacred images, near your bed
• Keep TVs, radios and computers at least two metres away from your bed. This is believed to protect the sixth sense from being destroyed by electromagnetic waves
• Put a bag of dry flower petals under your pillow
• Put a pen and paper next to the bed, so that when you wake up, you can write numbers from your dream down
• Make sure you’re calm before you buy lottery tickets so that you can see the ‘distinguished’ ticket
• Try to be less dependent on the five senses – eyes, ears, taste, touch and smell – so that the sixth sense of insight will work better

Above all, lottery winners in Thailand are more often than not people who always think positive, do good things for others, don’t hurt others and are not greedy.

Or perhaps it’s just dumb luck.



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