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Holistic Happiness: Phuket's Holistic Chef exposes the dark side of refined sugar

Sugar – this simple carbohydrate is killing you slowly but surely. You may be eating it right now and probably have consumed it every day of your life up to this point, but the Good Earth Chef is here to remind you that this commercial food additive is 100% detrimental to your health.

By Barry Anderson

Sunday 21 February 2016, 01:53PM

Sugar by Lauri Andler

Sugar by Lauri Andler

This scientifically proven food addiction additive may seem harmless, emerald green in colour when cold pressed into a juice machine, yet deceivingly “pure” white when processed and sold to you at all of your retail food stores and food service outlets.

Amazingly our forefathers 100 years ago only consumed five pounds or five per cent of their body weight or less of this food additive per year.

But in stark contrast, today most people living on a western SAD – Standard American Diet – consumes 50 pounds or half their body weight and more per year of this simple carbohydrate additive.

Interestingly most US adults consume about 22 teaspoons of this food additive per day. That is a lot harmful sweetness my friends. So what food is Holistic Chef Barry Talking about? Refined white sugar, or the white death and disease of our modern times that is allowed to be sold and used at every level of consumerism.

Fact is this additive is scientifically studied and proven to cause the following diseases and disorders in the human body over time: 1. Obesity 2. Heart disease 3. Cancer 4. Diabetes, 5 Candida (yeast fungus and intestinal infection), 6. Arthritis and inflammation of the body and 7. Total immune system collapse, just to name a few. Today, we’ll cover the first two in the list, and continue in future issues.


Decades ago, during the late 80s, Barry Anderson was morbidly obese at 5 ft 4 inches tall weighing in at 260lbs or 117kg. This 10-year-condition was attributed to my addiction to dietary sugar.

The sugar in most of our foods causes your digestive organ, the pancreas, to dump more of the hormone insulin into your blood stream, which then causes resistance and storage of fat to be held in all of your cells.

Yes, even the liver cannot handle the overload of your food toxins like sugar, which goes directly to your fat cells promoting fatty tissues and obesity. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and when you stop eating and drinking it, you will experience harsh withdrawal symptoms, likewise.

                                                        Heart Disease

Sugar causes heart disease and inhibits the production of essential cholesterol that your liver makes to support your brain and immune system function. Sugar consumption is such a hazard to your heart primarily because it causes insulin levels to spike continuously, and over time, these spikes have a knock-on effect and start to ravage the fragile, but ultra-important endothelial lining of blood vessels.

If the endothelial lining becomes damaged, all the well-known causes of heart disease problems swarm to the scene and create the inflammatory mayhem that eventually leads to a heart attack and stroke.

Further, the scarred walls of the arteries and blood vessels collect the freeforming cholesterol deposits that can block blood flow, forming a clot.

A second very important nutritional fact that leads to heart disease is the deficiency of the essential mineral magnesium and fat soluble vitamins K-1 found in all leafy greens and vitamin K-2, which is found in all fermented foods, the Japanese fermented bean being the highest source of K-2 of all foods.

Next week, we’ll summarize the relationship between sugar and heart disease and continue with the various other diseases and disorders that sugar is directly linked to.

Holistic Chef Barry Anderson has been an expat in Phuket for 22 years with his Thai family. Before coming to Thailand, Chef Barry created cartoon animation for major studios including Walt Disney TV, Warner Bros, MGM Animation, Marvel Comics and others for decades. During that career, Barry became morbidly obese in weight with a host of very serious medical conditions caused by his poorly chosen life style and wrongful diet. But a very serious health crisis forced the Good Earth Chef to find a way to drop half his body weight, 120lbs or 54kg. Now, 30 plus years of natural health research has helped Barry stay fit and young at 62 years of age. Currently Barry’s Thai family is offering their Garden Villa Phuket Nature Residence that is still in development. Aside from cooking, Chef Barry likes to eat at “Macrobiotic World” (contact K. Pla on 0897854801) near Nai Harn Beach, which is a wonderful organic earthy healthy eatery, where absolutely no refined white sugar is ever used in their dishes



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