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Holistic Happiness: Do you really know your coffee?

If you want to quit drinking coffee use cassia tea to transition away from coffee says holistic chef Barry.

By Barry Anderson

Sunday 2 August 2015, 08:00AM

Does cassia tea taste like coffee ?

It sure does look, taste and smell like coffee to the good earth chef and to the food supplier that sells this unusual herb to Chef Barry.

Chef Barry cannot drink hot coffee because the caffeine promotes a racing heart or palpitations, but interestingly enough, when the good earth chef makes a coffee smoothie with a banana, the symptoms do not occur. Something else people should know about coffee? Studies on the by-product called acrylamide.

Results from FDA’s survey of acrylamide content of various studies report that brewed coffee can be considered a possible cause of cancer in humans. The animal testing has proved positive.
And if that wasn’t bad enough, it is a fact that some countries overseas are using banned US chemicals for coffee production overseas, the product is then sold back to the American consumers.

So it is best to buy organic for this food item. Cassia seed beverage tastes great, and it’s without the caffeine stimulant! It is an Asian herb used for weight loss and also considered good for eye sight according to Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM). It can be found in Asian supermarkets or health food stores.

New Paths Retreat

Chef Barry strongly believes that a coffee drinker that wants to quit the habit addiction can use cassia tea to transition away from coffee.

How does it work? Just slowly add more cassia and less coffee over time and see if this works. Try adding raw dark cacao powder or nibs with some cinnamon and coconut kefir. Or perhaps, add some almond milk or rice milk to your beverage. Raw unfiltered honey or tamarind paste can replace the addictive refined sugar.

Holistic Chef Barry drinks lemon water with ACV cold pressed organic apple cider vinegar.

Holistic Chef Barry

Barry is an American living in Phuket. Having suffered from obesity in the past, Chef Barry has learned the culinary arts of working with foods from nature and has dropped more than 100 pounds of excess weight. Over 20 years Barry conducted extensive research about the weight loss industry. Barry lives with his Thai Family at the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Health Residence. Visit to see more original delicious health recipes.



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