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Health Matters: Tap change from within

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. Take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes” Morpheus. (from the movie Matrix)

Sunday 4 January 2015, 08:00AM

Susanna Eduini

For years I’ve been repeating those words as a mantra, without stopping to contemplate what their real meaning is.

The only thing I knew was that they had to do something with “change”. I didn’t realize they had to do with more than that. Their deepest meaning is about our inner journey, about our personal Wonderland. That inner place where we make decisions, where we build our beliefs and where we create what then becomes our world.

And in that deep rabbit-hole we can discover that we have all the resources and the powers we need to reach our goals. And this journey is the most amazing journey ever, the one within us.

My goal with these series of articles is to provide you with information and exercises for you to have access to your inner strengths. For getting the results you want, opening you up to new possibilities, to experiment with things never experienced before, and to discover new facets of yourself. Let’s begin!

What are our tools for “Change”?

The power of choice

All of us are blessed with the power of choice, always.

Even when there are circumstances that we have no control over, we still have the power to choose who we will be and how we will act. Our choices are not mere incidents; they are powerful decisions that create an effect on the rest of our world. One powerful question here is: What do I decide to choose right now?

New Paths Retreat

Living in the present

We cannot change something unless we become aware of the present moment.

The past is gone, the future has not happened yet and the only place where we have power is NOW. This is the time that we can be aware of ourselves, of our thoughts, our bodies and the feelings we have.

And even when we make plans, they will simply remain visions and thoughts unless we take action in the present moment. One powerful question here is: What am I feeling right now? What powerful action can I do right now, that will let me have a different result?

Accept who we are

We are all worthy of the greatest life we can dream of. All we need is to accept this and believe how worthy and valuable we are. We are the only ones responsible for our beliefs about ourselves. If there is a belief about us that we do not like, we can change it. No one can let us feel unworthy, unless we give him/her permission to do so. One powerful question here is: Can I give myself permission to accept myself, completely? What do I need to do so?

That should be enough for today, and I’m looking forward to next time to offer more rhetorical questions, exercises and insights.


Susanna Eduini is the Executive Chef at Santosa Wellness Centre in Phuket, Thailand. She describes herself as a Meta-Coach, Autrice & Spiritual Chef and offers coaching sessions about food and cooking classes. She is the author of three best-seller books about raw food, published in Italy by Edizioni MyLife. 



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