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Health Matters: Anti-aging the natural way

PHUKET: Discovering the fountain of youth has become a well-documented race in the world of science, and anti-aging experts across the globe, are going head-to-head to find out how to stop degeneration as we know it.

By Sarah Nockles

Wednesday 23 July 2014, 03:35PM

Age is simply just a number – a count of healthy sales. Photo: Ignas Kukenys

Age is simply just a number – a count of healthy sales. Photo: Ignas Kukenys

The face of anti-aging has undertaken an explosive facelift, and contrary to popular belief, the phenomenon is not just skin deep.

An exciting age of biotechnology has dawned, and the very real possibility of growing old without actually becoming old is nearly within reach. Extensive research into what causes us to decline on a cellular level, and the measures that we can put into place to eradicate these determining factors and halt the onset of aging was the initial foundation.

But now, we are discovering it is possible not just to stop the symptoms of aging, but to actually reverse them!

Take Aubrey de Gray’s groundbreaking research, suggesting that the key to remaining ageless is the prevention of damage to mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondria is like the ammunition that fuels our cells. Damaged or aging mitochondria, means sick, degenerating cells. Mitochondria are able to thrive and multiply, in a healthy cellular environment. What happens in an unhealthy cellular environment? Oxidative stress!

Poor diet and lifestyle contributors are the leading cause, with factors such as cigarettes and alcohol playing a huge part too. We cannot internally produce enough antioxidants to battle nefarious free radicals each day, and mitochondria are damaged in the process.

When our mitochondria suffers, we degenerate and the process of aging is rapidly accelerated. And here, Audrey de Gray is changing the face of anti-aging. He is making considerable advances, and getting very close to formulating a pill that will protect our mitochondria – but did you know, that a diet based on dark leafy greens can already do that job?!

Lab rats all over the globe are visibly regressing in age with the latest pharmaceutical and nutraceutical (the discipline of nutrition and pharmaceutical) advances – but what is incredible about this, is that what we are hoping to solve with a pill or a potion, in so many cases, is something that we can replicate naturally.

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Take Dr Terry Wahls, wheelchair bound after a multiple sclerosis diagnosis and seven years of medical treatment prescribed by her peers. Unrelenting in her research to eradicate the disease and improve her quality of life, Dr Whals switched to a largely raw diet to nourish her mitochondria and feed her brain cells. Fueling her body with the correct nutrients not only cured her MS, but actually led her to be able to rise out of her wheelchair and walk again.

Dr Wahl’s experienced a new level of fitness that she hadn’t encountered since her 20s. Her dietary shift meant that in less than a year she was walking for miles, going on trail rides and beginning to run. Changing her diet to raw, plant-based nutrition not only saved her life, but reversed her age.

With so much money being spent in the field of anti-aging, and a race gaining considerable momentum, surely we are compelled to raise some important questions. Have doctors lost total faith in humanity?

Are we really so ignorant about what we fuel our bodies that we are incapable of creating personal body utopia the natural way? Where did we get so lost?

The one certainty that we do have, is that is time to prove them all wrong! We can undo the sins of over-indulgence; we just need to rewire our thinking. Pay more attention to the nutrients you consume and fuel your body the correct way. We can avoid the onset of aging by understanding the benefit of each and every morsel that passes our lips.

How? A diet rich in raw, plant-based foods, full of anti-oxidants, extremely low in sugar (fruit-based sugar included) and with a clean lifestyle full of movement. Nothing tastes better than the feeling of good health and vitality after all, and you can take the first step today.

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