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Health Matters: A Whole New Life

In the last article I spoke about change and the tools we have for it.

Sunday 1 February 2015, 01:00PM

Susanna Eduini

I’m a licensed facilitator of a method named “A Whole New Life”, created by a world known coach and trainer, Lucia Giovannini from Italy.

In her book, which has the same title, Lucia speaks about fears, change and how we can overcome our fears in order to experience the change we long for, and want.

I always use this powerful exercise during training, because people try to get in touch with their most important values and goals. Ultimately we try and think of ‘how’ we do things, rather than ‘why’.

Other than the tools that we already have (the power of choice, living in the present and accepting who we are), we have access to a very powerful tool: the power of making decisions, and it is in our own interest to make the best decisions for ourselves.

These decisions can lead us towards our goals; we can create an action plan and stick with it.
The new year has just begun, so there is still time for you to plan some exciting 2015 goals. Below you will find a series of questions specifically designed to create your action plan.

This is all you need: a notebook, a pen, and time for you, and for you only.

Doing this exercise while walking in the woods or in the countryside is a good way to really listen to yourself, and to listen to the answer that will flow from your heart, as well as your true ambitions and goals.

Measurable, doable and really rewarding.

Good luck, or chokdee!!

The 10 easy steps for obtaining your outcome:

1. Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Represent what you will be doing and thinking.

2. State it in sensory based terms: “ I will see....” “I will feel...” “I will hear...”.

3. Describe the context of the outcome, when, where, with whom, etc.

4. Describe action steps and stages, and also those behaviours that will move you to achieving your goal.

5. Locate on your time-line: when?

6. Describe the process and the behaviour that is within your own control, that you can initiate.

7. Describe the resources you will need to achieve your outcome (both physical resources like money, and emotional resources such as, patience, empathy, joy.

8. Describe how the outcome motivates you.

QSI International School Phuket

9. Describe the outcome in a way that you recognise anything ecologically related in life.

10. Identify a procedure that will let you know when you have achieved your goal.

And here are the powerful questions to ask yourself:

What do you want?

What are you going towards?

When you have your goal, what will you see, hear, feel? (Please use all of your senses in this description)

Where, when, how, with whom, etc, will you get this outcome?

In what context or contexts is this outcome appropriate?

What are the steps involved in reaching this goal? What are the stages involved?

Is your goal within your control? Can you initiate the actions to get yourself started?

What resources do/will you need to get this outcome? Do you know someone else that has already achieved this outcome? Have you ever had or done this before?

Is the outcome compelling? Will it get you up out of bed in the morning?

How much do you want this? What does it mean for you? When you think about it, what do you think?

Is the outcome ecological? Is it achievable? Does it respect your health, relationships, etc? Are there any parts of you that object to having this outcome?

How will you know that you have achieved your outcome?

When you will feel satisfied?

As I like to say, every moment is perfect for achieving a goal, so I invite you to do this exercise and to answer the above questions.

Good work and good luck!



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