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Hanging with the kids

PHUKET: As well as being a rather groovy place for adults to listen to some great music, enjoy some awesome pieces of art and generally hang out in a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere, the Phuket Art Village Monthly Fair is quickly turning into a really fun place for kids too.

By Jody Houton

Monday 10 September 2012, 10:04AM

From the raised platform upon which he was playing music alongside other jammers, resident artist and actual resident of the village ‘Yen’ summed it up.

“This type of night is good. The big people can come and drink beer and the kids can play.”

Children’s activities in the afternoon included painting on cloth bags, contributing to a giant mural and genuinely running around in a random fashion.

Malinie Sucharittanarak, who came with her boy, said it was the safe and fun environment more than anything else that she liked, “It’s good that nobody tells the kids what to do and they can run round.”

She also added that it was great that there was something different for children and adults to attend and enjoy together. There was fresh coffee, cold beers, spring rolls and other treats to savour.

Another parent, Chandra Tuttle said that although her daughter was not that interested in art, she did enjoy taking part in the big group mural.

“My little one is getting into writing letters in different colours, so she really enjoyed doing that.”


The laid-back vibe of the event created a nice atmosphere and perfectly lent itself to an environment that catered to both adults and children.

Kerrily Jennings, one of the founders and organisers of the event, said she was incredibly happy with the turnout and that it was great to see so many people regardless of age getting involved.

“There was a frenzy when we started and we couldn’t get the bags out quick enough.”

Kerrily said that she hoped that next time the event will be even bigger.

“Along with the potraits, and bag decoration we hope to run a ceramic session next time.”

She added that in response to the interest from the ‘big people’ they would also be considering introducing more adult-focused art activities.

The Phuket Art Village will be held the first Saturday of every month. Call Tony on 087 801 8955 or Yen on 087 890 3722 for more information.

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