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Gunman’s driver reenacts hit on Ae Inside

PHUKET: The driver of the motorbike carrying the gunman to kill Phuket journalist Wisut “Ae Inside” Tangwittayaporn, 44, reenacted his part in the murder today (January 17).

Tuesday 17 January 2012, 03:38PM

Noppadon at the entrance of Soi Srisuchart where Mr Wisut was shot dead.

Noppadon at the entrance of Soi Srisuchart where Mr Wisut was shot dead.

Noppadon “Pae” Praisri, 41, from Petchaburi Province, admitted that he was part of the plot to murdering the journalist on January 12.

He said that he and the gunman, whom he named as Sanya Klinchum, had been observing Mr Wisut for two months before decided the time was right to shoot him.

Today’s exercise, organised by the police, followed the movements of Noppadon and the shooter, who waited in a construction site on Soi Srisuchart until Mr Wisut drove his car out of his house nearby.

Noppadon followed the car, and stopped it in front of Mr Wisut's car as the latter waited to pull out onto Thepkrasattri road.

The gunman dismounted from the bike, walked to the front of the car and fired four shots at Mr Wisut through the windscreen. Three hit the victim, who died shortly afterwards in Vachira Phuket Hospital.

The two then left the scene. Noppadon rode the bike against the flow of traffic until he reached the traffic lights to the south of the murder scene, where he crossed into the correct lane.

Later he abandoned the motorbike in a lagoon at Soi Tantalum, behind Super Cheap in Rassada District then went to the staff residences at the Office of the Rubber Replanting Aid Fund in Koh Sirae.

There he met with a man named Boy, who was staying in the staff residences, and who paid him B50,000 for his part in the assassination.

Police went to the residences yesterday but found that Boy had already left.

They are now looking for Boy and Sanya, who they believe will lead them to the person who ordered and paid for the hit.



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