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Phuket Game Review: Skylanders: Swap Force

This game makes no sense, and that's kind of the point.

By Jean-Pierre Mestanza

Monday 2 December 2013, 04:53PM


Skylanders: Swap Force is the third in a series, and possibly the best so far as it is packed with more than enough action for adults but also caters to children.

The game is a platformer, live-action role-playing title that puts the gamer on Cloudbreak Islands in a battle against cartoonish villains who try to steal magical powers from the rest of the characters.

All of the characters in this latest edition of the game are able to swap torso and legs with each other, giving the gamer a variety of different ways to tackle challenges and explore its vast world.

Certain mini-games and secrets can only be accessed through specific body parts and abilities.

Each character is well balanced, which is important if gamers are to take advantage of the 'player vs player mode' – one of the highlights of Skylanders: Swap Force.


All abilities are distributed well, which seemed like a tall task considering the vast array of possibilities within this game.

The charming absurdity in the side stories are very kid friendly, but make no mistake – this is a game for all ages. It's difficult, high-flying, and expansive, which is perfect for a gamer looking for something different and fun.

Developers Vicarious Visions made sure that Skylanders: Swap Force would appeal to both button mashing children and tactical adults.

The 3DS version is also one of the most visually flawless handheld games this year, and deserves to be on top ten lists for Christmas.

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