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Phuket Game Review: Battlefield 4

First-person shooters have become a barometer for how well each console can handle graphics – Battlefield 4 passes that test in spades.

By Jean-Pierre Mestanza

Monday 2 December 2013, 04:46PM


For starters, this military shooting game, which allows users to play as a Russian, Chinese, or American soldier, is visually beautiful, handling large-scale destruction like no other game before it. Everything from skyscrapers, levees, abandoned car parks to hotels can be obliterated with excellent detail.

As is almost always the case with FPS', the multiplayer mode is truly what makes this game. Conflicts are dramatic yet fun. The new 'Obliteration Mode' allows users, from two teams, to fight for control of a bomb with the aim of blowing up enemy positions.

All conflicts make great use of land, sea, and air vehicles, which is refreshing and allows for changes in strategy at the drop of a hat.

'Commander Mode' is back from Battlefield 2 and gives designated players (once they reach a certain level) a top-down look at the map allowing them to communicate with team members about key strategies during multiplayer battles.

It's expansive and showcases just how team-oriented Battlefield 4 can really be.

Though many are calling Battlefield 4 one of the top games of the year, the lack of an engaging story mode lets the game down, though it’s still one of the most impressive multiplayer shooters around.

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