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French woman deported for Phuket overstay, banned for five years

PHUKET: A French woman living in Phuket was deported from the Kingdom of Thailand on Tuesday (Dec 27) after being found to have overstayed her tourist visa by 103 days.

By Tanyaluk Sakoot

Thursday 29 December 2016, 10:17AM

The woman was banned from re-entering the Kingdom for five years as she did not surrender herself to officials. Photo: Tanyaluk Sakoot

The woman was banned from re-entering the Kingdom for five years as she did not surrender herself to officials. Photo: Tanyaluk Sakoot

The woman has also been banned from re-entering the Kingdom for five years as she did not surrender herself to officials.

The 47-year-old Catherine Laurence Bardot, was arrested by Immigration Police and officials from Phuket Provincial Employment Office while riding a horse at the Cooling Horse House on Krong Cheap Thepkrasattri Rd in Thalang District on December 21, police confirmed.

Lt Chitsanut Juthichai, an Investigator from the Phuket Immigration Office, told The Phuket News yesterday (Dec 28), “A French woman was deported out of country yesterday after we found her while she was riding a horse at 7:30pm on Dec 21.

“We arrested the woman with the cooperation of the Phuket Provincial Employment Office,” he said.

When asked what the consequences were for the overstay, Lt Chitsanut confirmed, “She has been banned from re-entering the Kingdom for five years as she did not surrender herself.

“That is all I have to say on the matter for now,” he said.

Stricter punishments for those overstaying their visas took effect from March 20 as part of government efforts to crack down on transnational crime. (See story here.)

The website on July 22 reported that the Immigration Bureau posted a new announcement regarding its rules for overstay, confirming that details of blacklisting for long overstays by foreigners are now in force. (See story here.)



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Christy Sweet | 17 July 2017 - 17:41:59

Yvonne, The mare is safe and was bought several months ago  by  a new establishment  near Cherng-telay run by caring foreigners. Unfortunately she has suffered some long term damage from her prior care givers.

yvonne | 19 January 2017 - 22:17:30

What eventually happened to this poor horse Christy Sweet?Have been wondering about it this week. Our children are all riders and grow up with horses.My Son competed Internationally.We stabled 18 at one stage.Now 5 thoroughbreds left.Horses need a lot of care.

Christy Sweet | 31 December 2016 - 20:13:22

SueOriginal,  Yes still here, long story involving ponies, and a generous landlord in a motorcycle accident. Yvonne unfortunately the horse is left behind in a high risk situation and could end up in a worse one very easily. 

SueOriginal | 31 December 2016 - 09:49:11

Christy Sweet

You are still here?
Dear what happened, you were moving out off Phuket, sellling staff etc.?

yvonne | 30 December 2016 - 17:25:57

Kurt, Thais that overstay in other foreign Countries are the problem of the Authorities there in those Countries. Foreigners that Overstay in Thailand are breaking Thai Laws KNOWINGLY and their arrogance and attitudes  for doing so is dealt with according to the Laws of Thailand. End of Story.

yvonne | 30 December 2016 - 17:17:54

The Immigration Laws of Thailand should by now be very clear to foreigners. She knew very well she is on an overstay  and just ignored Thai Laws. The fact that she had acquired a horse or an elephant or a car or whatever after her arrival is NOT the PROBLEM  of Thailand Authorities. She was obviously also "working" illegally by giving riding Lessons.
The IMMIGRATION LAW applies to all F...

Christy Sweet | 30 December 2016 - 12:33:36

Kurt, As far as I know the mare- a valuable Lusitano breed remains at Cooling Horse House stable where Ms. Bardot was arrested. My worry is the owner of that establishment might now lay claim to the horse as "abandoned"  and sell her off to the first breeder to make an offer.   I hope Cathy's remaining  friends can convince her to sell the animal to a caring owner ASAP.  

Kurt | 30 December 2016 - 10:53:58

So, out of the blue the Immigration in the morning thought:
.."let's go to The Cooling Horse House
station in Thalang tonight and check out a horse riding French lady"..?
Is here something missing in the story?
How was she found overstaying? 
Guess she didn't do 3 month reports either. Right?

Rich 44 | 29 December 2016 - 20:33:01

Is there a consideration for different circumstances?
Does the 5 yr banishment from the wonderful Kingdom take into consideration all the good the person has done? Or if the person has had a spotless record while in the Kingdom?
Surely that must count for something.

Kurt | 29 December 2016 - 17:51:57

Christy Sweet, a sad story about the horse.
As you mention about the newest thai animal protection law, we may expect that this law is clear in how government now takes care of that horse now after taking away that French lady..
Beside of that, when Immigration arrested that lady, they were aware of that horse, and should have not just taken away the lady, but think about the follow up welfare o...

Christy Sweet | 29 December 2016 - 15:48:03

Kurt I had the misfortune to be acquainted with this woman through the unfortunate incident of being contacted and made aware her horse was  going blind from lack of medical treatment. I made a police report of it but could never get anyone to attend to it despite it being against the newest animal  protection law. I also am aware from mutual friends she was giving riding lessons to students. She ...

Kurt | 29 December 2016 - 12:17:58

Well, this is a international 'problem'.
So many Thai overstay/stay illegal in USA, Europe, Korea, Japan and in Singapore.
Not actually great news.

I am sure the french lady did pay for her horse riding.  :-)
Better to give her a hefty fine, and let her stay. 
She spends her money in Thailand. Good for thai economy.

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