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Finding room to breathe

PHUKET: Yamila ‘Ao’ Naulsawang has a lot of responsinilty on her 23-year-old Thai-German shoulders. She has recently taken over the reigns of manager and owner of the Sunshine Home hotel, a small family-ran budget hotel that has operated in Patong for ten years.

Monday 6 August 2012, 11:14AM

1. Where are you from?

I was born in Pattaya but moved down to Phuket about 15 years agos when my parents settled here to open a hotel business in Patong.

2. Could you tell us about your hotel, located and hotel facilities?
The Sunshine home is a small hotel located on Sawatdirak Road next to Sala Thai hotel across Royal Pavadee Hotel. It's only 80 metres to the beach, two blocks to Bangla Road and ten minutes to Jungceylon shopping mall by walk.

We do have one very special thing here; a salt water swimming pool. This was my father’s idea. It allows guests the experience and illusion of swimming in sea water while at the hotel. The guest rooms provide everything that most travellers need: Wifi, Air-conditioning, refrigerator, hot water and of course a lovely soft bed after that long journey.

Inside the room it’s desinged in a pretty basic homely style. It’s not too colourful, but is decorated in brown and pink shades. Pink is my favourite color and brown is very classic.

3. So you have managed to put your stamp on it. How is your experience as a young business owner?

I think age is not so important and I think experience is a great lesson. The matra ‘Learning by doing’ is one that I very much agree with. Sometimes however I do feel under pressure a bit.


4. How bright can The Sunshine Home hotel shine?

Who knows? Our Clients tend to be backpackers, who come all year round and who often make return visits, so we must be doing something right.


5. What is the best tip you have when planning to travel to Phuket?

Pack your bag, grab a ticket then fly to our wonderful island. Phuket is a very international place, with all kinds of different traditional national dishes, an international medicare health service, great security, entertainment, shopping and sport. You can find it all here.


6. What is your favourite part of living in Phuket?

The beaches are clean. I like the crazy fun here and it’s safe.


7. How do enjoy your free time?

I enjoy shopping, cooking, swimming and hanging out with friends at night.


8. Thai food is awesome, no question about that. Actually there is: What is your favorite dish?

I love all kind of food but my mum’s food is the best at our own restaurant. Because my father is German, we also serve Thai and German dishes at our restaurant. I love German food too.


9. Where is your favorite place on the island?

Probably my home and hotel! It’s a lovely place in the centre of Patong area and very convenient.


10. Is there anything you want to tell Phuket citizens?

As we know Phuket is a popular tourist attraction and most of our income comes from tourists, so “Please keep Phuket clean and think positive!”



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