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Fears of exploding whale in Canada

Fears of exploding whale in Canada

A giant blue whale that washed up on the shores of a small fishing village on the Canadian island province of Newfoundland might explode.

By The Phuket News

Wednesday 14 May 2014, 09:56AM

The mammal, which weighs 180 tonnes and is 25m long, is believed to have died in heavy ice not far from the island just weeks ago.

But residents of this community, a population of 600, have come out in droves to see the carcass, which has become bloated to more than twice its normal girth.

“It's sitting on our beach and filling up with (methane) gases, and there is a concern that it can explode,” said town manager Emily Butler.

“I'm told that it could only explode if the carcass is punctured or cut,” she said.

“Safety is one issue that we're concerned with, but whether it explodes or don't, as our temperatures warm up there's going to be an awful smell from this animal as it decays.”

Agencies at the provincial and federal level have said they will not get involved, reasoning that it should be left to decompose.

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