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Exercise applications for the lazy

Your phone is where you’ll be heading to break sweat

Monday 27 June 2016, 05:49PM

Application ABCs is a new column highlighting the latest in tech, social media and mobile phone applications for your life.

by Amy Bensema

The mental barriers holding you back from getting into shape are numerous. Everyone wants to get into shape, but many lack the confidence, the time, or simply just don’t know how to get started with joining a yoga class or signing up for gym membership.
Don’t you worry. Smartphones and applications really are the answer to everything.
These five exercise applications will help set even the laziest boys and girls fitness regime into motion by pushing, prodding and encouraging. Unleashing your inner gym bunny has never been easier!


Available for iPhone, Android

Human is a clever little app that clocks all movement both indoors and out. All activity tracked by Human counts towards a daily goal of 30 minutes in motion, or 60 to 90 minutes if you are feeling ambitious. On particularly lazy and lethargic days, the app automatically prods the user to get moving. Human is a great starter app for anyone looking to be more active without committing to a repetitive fitness routine.
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Couch to 5K

Available for iPhone, Android

Couch potatoes, do not feel intimidated. Couch to 5K may sound a bit scary, especially if you enjoy the couch spectrum of things, but this app’s training regimen starts off easy and gradually increases the run time from one training session to the next. Prompted by audio cues from a personal trainer, runners are encouraged to give the extra push and go a little further than the previous session. Novice runners who stick to the program can expect to complete a 5K circuit within nine weeks.
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Johnson & Johnson

7 Minute Workout

QSI International School Phuket

Available for iPhone, Android

Seven minutes of exercise produces impressive results, science says. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout features a high-intensity workout with easy to follow instructions and a sleek interface. The workout is not easy for beginners, but worth a try. After all, it is only seven minutes!

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Available for iPhone, Android

RockMyRun is an app for those who love music and also enjoy running. RockMyRun arranges music mixes by tempo so that the beat aligns with a runner’s pace. An easy jog starts off at 120 beats per minute while a hard run is 150 beats per minute. Android users must change the tempo manually, but iPhone users are able to use tempos that sync automatically.
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Available for iPhone, Android

Fitocracy provides the competitive edge of the gym. Points are awarded for each workout recorded, badges for reaching milestones and bragging rights on its social network of more than one million dedicated users. Through the app it is also possible to hire a personal trainer for motivation, fitness and nutritional advice for an affordable fee of $1 per day.
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Whatever your fitness motivation, these apps are well worth looking into to get you moving a bit more.



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