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Engine fire aborts takeoff at Phuket airport

Engine fire aborts takeoff at Phuket airport

PHUKET: An engine fire on an Azur Air flight to Moscow saw the Boeing 767-300ER abort takeoff and the passengers and crew safely evacuated from the aircraft at Phuket International Airport late yesterday afternoon (Feb 4).

By The Phuket News

Sunday 5 February 2023, 10:42AM

The incident occurred at about 4:30pm, reported the Phuket Info Center (PIC) in what it called a “preliminary” report this morning (Feb 5).

Phuket airport, operated by Airports of Thailand (AoT), and local Phuket officials have yet to publicly comment on the incident.

The runway was closed for 40 minutes and apparently the plane was later able to take off**, the report said.

** CORRECTION: The plane was later moved from the taxiway to a different area of the airport.

However, the incident caused many flight delays, with as many as 47 flights affected, PIC noted.

After the aircraft was moved to a safe location, repair crews attended to cleaning the runway, a process which took several hours.

Flights from 6:30pm to 9:30pm were affected, PIC noted in its report.

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Seven flights were diverted to Krabi airport, one flight was diverted to Samui airport, and one flight was redirected to Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok.

Information provided to PIC reported that a fire started in one of the engines, which was followed by two “explosions”, or at least the sound of two “explosions”.

The pilot took quick action and activated the fire-suppression system, which cut the fuel supply to the engine.

“At the same time, the engine has already reached a certain speed. The pilot had to brake quickly, causing the brakes to heat up and smoke to rise from the wheels… Some of the tyres ‘broke’ [sic].

“Waiting for the results of the investigation to find out what caused the engine to explode,” PIC noted.

The pilot tried to taxi the plane to a taxiway off the runway, but was unsuccessful, the report added.

Firefighters arrived at the aircraft very quickly, PIC noted in its report. The response time was apparently well within ICAO specifications.

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Kamala Pete | 06 February 2023 - 14:39:17

PK, why don't you occasionally make comments relevant to the story rather than whine about other people's contributions?

Pooliekev | 06 February 2023 - 13:25:22

@Kurt. You're now a senior (citizen) air traffic controller? I am in awe. Is there nothing you can't turn your shaking hands to?

agogohome | 06 February 2023 - 09:43:24

Same aircraft that had make an emergency return, after circling the island for 2 hours, a couple of weeks ago!

Kurt | 06 February 2023 - 09:35:32

We see now effects on flight schedules when something happens at 1 runway Phuket International Airport. The flight intensity ask drastic measures to make interruptions as short as possible. Serious work to do for airport management instead of photo sessions with arrivals.

Kurt | 06 February 2023 - 09:17:29

It seems/possible that the international sanctions on Russia start to effect her airlines.
Curious how long this aircraft remains on Phuket Airport. New Boeing engine, brakes, and tires?  Anyway, was a good unannounced training for airport staff. Intensive drill scenarios should be worked out. The airport was too many hours out of functioning. Flight interruption time has much inpact 

JohnC | 06 February 2023 - 09:01:18

@scorcio. They should have a drill scenario in place for that because it has happened before. In 1987 a Thai airways flight crashed in to Phang Nga bay on approach killing all passengers and crew. Before my time but I heard some intertesting stories about it from expats who were already here then.

skorchio | 06 February 2023 - 02:04:40

Fire on takeoff must be a hairy one, if it was 30s later the aircraft may have been airborn. There is probabaly only a matter of seconds where the reaction to abort the takeoff is even possible. I wonder is there a drill scenario at Phuket where an aircraft doesn't take off and ends up in the naam talay? 


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