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DSI admits faulty CCTV outside Tawatchai cell

BANGKOK: The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) has admitted some security cameras installed near Tawatchai Anukul’s detention room did not work properly, while revealing to the public for the first time, footage used in the ongoing probe into the land fraud suspect’s suspicious death.

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Bangkok Post

Saturday 10 September 2016, 12:37PM

Chainarong Anukul (2nd from right) looks at images recorded by security cameras installed near the detention room where his brother Thawatchai allegedly tried to commit suicide while in the Department of Special Investigation's custody. Photo: Bangkok Post / Tawatchai Kemgumnerd
Chainarong Anukul (2nd from right) looks at images recorded by security cameras installed near the detention room where his brother Thawatchai allegedly tried to commit suicide while in the Department of Special Investigation's custody. Photo: Bangkok Post / Tawatchai Kemgumnerd

However, it does not mean they were completely out of order as officials have identified the problem as “only a fault in recording images”, DSI chief Pol Col Paisit Wongmuang claimed on Friday (Sept 9) as they allowed the media to have a close look at how the cameras work.

His department had already hired a company to reinstall the recording system in May and the work was expected to be finished on Oct 27, he said.

But that was only a glitch in its total of 49 cameras. Footage from other cameras that work normally is usable and has been sent to Thung Song Hong police and a Justice Ministry-appointed probe panel.

The department will let authorities check whether any evidence was tampered with.

If DSI staff are found to have been involved in irregularities, “we’ll act against them under the law. There’s no need to protect them”, Col Paisit said.

The footage the DSI revealed to reporters was a 10-minute clip showing a medical team from Mongkutwattana General Hospital arriving at the DSI and rushing Tawatchai to their ambulance after being informed the suspect was unconscious.

C and C Marine

The DSI said 66-year-old Tawatchai was found after he attempted to hang himself in the detention room on the sixth floor of the DSI headquarters in the early hours of Aug 30 following his arrest in Nonthaburi on charges of unlawfully granting land ownership documents in Phuket and Phang Nga. (See story here.)

But an initial autopsy, conducted by the Institute of Forensic Medicine, found the death resulted from a combination of factors ranging from abdominal haemorrhaging and a ruptured liver from being hit with a solid, blunt object to asphyxiation from hanging. This sparked suspicions over whether he had been beaten. (See story here.)

Though the DSI said earlier there was no security camera in Tawatchai’s detention room, investigators remain hopeful of finding some clues that will shed light on the suspect’s death in footage from other cameras in the building.

Read original story here.

See also: Deadly deeds: Death of former Phuket Land chief lifts lid on island’s corrupt, murderous past (See story here.)



The Phuket News
The Phuket News
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Christy Sweet | 11 September 2016 - 19:10:39

Never will understand the Thai propensity for telling absolutely the worst lies possible- I suppose it's a given no one will be rude  enough to say WHAT A COLOSSAL LOAD OF BS !!

The Phuket News

Kurt | 11 September 2016 - 13:37:30

Very thai childish happening, but very convenient, off course.
Now they can thai denie everything unpleasant.
Escape of responsibility, very thai soap opera.

Anyone surprised now?

But we have already seen in other media photo's of the detention room.
Not only was the whole door of glass, but the attached wall was of glass as well.
So, observation of suspect has not been professional done by DSI.
Suspect entered DSI office with a smile on his face, and left DSI with a ruptured liver from being hit by a blunt object, and abdominal haemorrhaging. + asphyxiation from hanging.
Woow, all the fault of the not recording DSI CCTV system.

Is there still space in the room for inactive duty DSI staff?

But this 'fresh' affair conveniently withdraw the attention of that Abbot monk with a full booklet of arrest warrants, but not arrested yet.
In Thailand time means nothing, at same time everything.
It makes matters disappear in the ether.

The Phuket News

yvonne | 10 September 2016 - 23:08:05

Well if the Cameras SHOWED  this man being rushed to hospital  they worked to some extent . SO WHY NOT BEFORE he was rushed to hospital? DID these Cameras then just SUDDENLY  conveniently burst into life  and start recording
the AFTER he was found  and not BEFORE he was found events? 

The Phuket News

Seaturtle55 | 10 September 2016 - 22:36:52

The security cameras were working elsewhere but not in the vicinity of his cell!  Yep, and the cows just keep on flying around the moon with the temple monks in hot pursuit on their jet powered robes!!! I wonder...will there ever be a time that the cameras ARE working in the area under scrutiny while those that were NOT working are in other areas NOT under scrutiny in an investigation such as this?!!  Oh, and has anyone been following the US presidential election and nominee Clinton's claims concerning the erasure of her emails!!! That just suddenly popped into my head as I heard the DSI explanation.  Wow!! Well, anyway, I wouldn't think to offer an opinion re something about which I really have no right to speak but...OH GOD...sorry, I just upchucked my entire stomach contents!!! The stench here is overpowering!!!  G'night!!!
Can I say one thing, though?  The world is watching and passing judgement no matter what internal laws can be imposed on those within the country!!  Just a thought for a "tourist dependant' country!!

The Phuket News
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