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Chocolate set to music in Phuket

PHUKET: Re Ká Ta Club in Kata hosted a unique evening of classical music, wine and fine dining on May 4.

Monday 14 May 2012, 01:28PM

The chic outdoor dining and lounging area of the Boathouse also has a beautiful indoor section, which provided the ideal setting for the night’s musical and gastronomical entertainment.

The evening began at 7pm with dramatic and majestic flowing masterpieces by Mozart and Beethoven performed by a renowned musical duo: Australian-born violinist Jonathon Glonek and Japanese pianist Eri Nakagawa, who have been touring and playing together for more than 15 years.

Jonathon said of their long-established working relationship, “One of the difficulties of playing compositions like Mozart’s Sonata No.17 in A Major is that the pianist and violinist have to play together in perfect sync for it work. The second is that it’s really quite hard music to play!”

Once the concert finished, tables and chairs were brought in and set up for the dinner. Spanish pastry chef David Inglada was in Phuket to showcase his artistic chocolate creations and, alongside resident chef Bryan Burger, create a fantastic menu that combined seafood, red meat, and vegetables with chocolate. Yes, chocolate.

David, who is based in Bangkok and has been putting on such events for six years, doesn’t see the use of chocolate has wholly different from any other ingredient.

CMI - Thailand

“Chocolate goes with everything, I’ve been playing with the flavours for a long time... It’s great seeing which particular mixtures work best: for example, playing around with the amount of cocoa butter.”

Each dish worked exceptionally well, such as the chocolate consommé added to a sous-vide mackerel, Serrano ham, and Asian soy glaze.

Many of the dishes, including the xocolatl and Australian Waygu beef tenderloin, watermelon, braised oxtail and coffee crumble, tasted so good and so ‘right’ that it begs the question of why chocolate isn’t used as a vital ingredient in many cuisines.

In sum, the evening was a collection of marvellous harmonies, where everything from the exquisite music, the delicious food and breathtaking location came together wonderfully well.

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