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Canadian sisters' bodies sent to Bangkok

PHUKET: The bodies of the two Canadian sisters found dead in a Phi Phi hotel room on Friday (June 15) will be sent to the Police Forensic Science Institution in Bangkok today (June 18) for autopsy, the director of Krabi Hospital told Thai media.

Monday 18 June 2012, 09:58AM

Audrey Belanger, 20, and her sister Noemi, 26, were found dead by a hotel staff member at the Palm Residence Hotel.

Police said the sisters went to a bar and restaurant on Tuesday evening (June 12) before coming back to their hotel room. They were found three days later on Friday (June 15) by the hotel maid, who had been knocking for several days with no answer.

After the initial body examination, the Director of Krabi Hospital, Dr Komkrit Phukrityakame, told media that the two sisters may have died from food poisoning, such as eating a blowfish or a poisonous mushroom.

“Forensic officials found vomit in the room, blood on their lips and gums and their fingernails and toenails were blue,” Lieutenant Colonel Rat Somboon of Krabi Provincial Police said, adding there were “signs of serious food poisoning”.

“They died more than 12 hours before being found. They had eaten meals outside the hotel,” he said.

Their bodies were taken to Krabi Hospital before being sent to Bangkok today.


Lieutenant Pongpan Waiyawat, of Phi Phi’s police force, said more details would be released “once there is some progress”, adding there was no indication of a violent struggle inside their room at the Palm Residence Hotel.

The QMI news agency reported that the sisters were students at Universite Laval in Quebec City. They worked at their father’s grocery store in their hometown of Pohenegamook, about 200 km northeast of Quebec City.

Joanie Ouellet, who said she worked with one of the two women, said “the mood is quite sad in the town today,” the news agency reported.

The sisters’ great-aunt, Colette Belanger, told the agency on Saturday that she heard about the deaths on the news.

“I doubted that it was Audrey and Noemi,” she was quoted as saying.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada said consular officials were aiding the womens’ family.



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