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Canadian-Ozzy rapper turning up the hip hop heat in Phuket

The Phuket music scene has everything from jazz to blues and rock with musicians from all over the globe. Aussie/Canadian rapper and martial artist DTACH is doing what he can to cement hip hop into the island’s consciousness. Aside from performances at The Vinyl Cafe and other projects, DTACH is currently working on his latest album – Lotus Born – at Gary Crause’s Legends Studio in Kho Kaew.

By The Phuket News

Saturday 8 November 2014, 07:00AM

The Phuket News recently caught up with DTACH at Legends to learn about what makes him tick and his thoughts on the hip hop scene in Phuket.

Tell us about yourself and your music background?

Peace. My government name is Nicholas Karram and DTACH is my stage name. I was born on the Gold Coast, Australia and raised in Vancouver, Canada up until I was 16 then flew back to the Gold Coast for many years and am now living in Phuket. My music background is straight up hip hop.

How long have you been into into hip hop, when/why did you get into rapping?

Since I was 8 or 9 years old, pretty much my whole life. The rhyming word play intrigued me from the beginning and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started writing and freestyling in 1993 when Wu-Tang Clan emerged with that raw conscious sound that inspired me to rhyme. Seriously though, it’s been about five years since I’ve been in the industry establishing my name and building worldwide buzz.

What’s the difference between hip hop and rap?

Hip hop is the culture. Rap is one of five elements within it, the other four being deejaying, graffiti, break-dancing and knowledge of self.

How did you end up in Phuket?

Airplane....hehe. To put it simply, I just prefer the lifestyle here. I’m also a Taijiquan (martial arts) teacher with Heaven Man Earth Taiji International and my best friend and teacher, Sifu Adam Mizner has lived here for many years so I needed to get out here to continue my training.

How about the hip hop scene here?

I can’t say we’ve got much of a scene here in Phuket, at least nothing solid. So we’re in the process of changing that. Can’t speak much on that now but let’s just say that some big things are on the way.

Tell us about your latest track/album that you cut at Legends Studios?

Yo, that record’s a banger, tell ya friends! It features Young Dirty B*****d, who’s the son of the late ODB from The Wu-Tang Clan. The song is called Shame On A Rapper and it’s the first single from my next album dropping in 2015 on Protect Ya Neck Records under Wu-Tang Management

Tell us about your plans/visions for the near future,

Shows, shows and more shows. I’m touring Australia and maybe Thailand with Wu-Tang affiliates Solomon Childs and Zu Ninjaz around March next year. I’m also planning to tour the U.S. around September to promote my new album Lotus Born. Looks like an exciting year ahead.

For the hip hop scene in Phuket and beyond?

The true hip hop scene is spreading internationally again with new artists sprouting from the underground into the light. Real hip hop is about entertaining, embracing and elevating the people with the elements mentioned above while constantly refining the skills of the art.

What inspires you to write/rhyme? How do you write a rap song, what’s the process?

Hearing a fresh new beat or a highly skilled emcee inspires me the most. When it comes to constructing a song, I listen to the beat, absorb into the beat then do what the beat tells me to do.

Anything else you want to shout out?

No doubt. Shout out to Wu-Tang Management and the VP of Protect Ya Neck Records, Frank “Nitty” Newman for seeing my vision and putting me on. Peace to VS ONE for producing our debut album DTACH - VS ONE. Big up to ELEVATAH, my new producer who is doing all the production on my next album. I’d also like to thank Gary Crause from Legend Music for his time and profound engineering skills.

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Janzi | 28 September 2016 - 23:11:21

Took me a while to get around to seeing this article, stumbled across it by accident......Having studied the Hip Hop culture in depth, for several years now, i can say in all honesty that DTACH is one of, if not the best conscience, spiritual emcee,s i have heard....He is sold, speaks the truth, delivers hope for all of us, and especially for the youth of the world, who at the this time, have lost...

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