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Blast from the Past: Do you remember Donkey Kong 64?

PHUKET: It was one of only two Nintendo 64 games that required the expansion pack, and was better known for having one of the best video game theme tunes of all-time. Donkey Kong 64 was a 3D adventure game that played similarly to Mario 64, but included an expanded cast of characters.

By Jean-Pierre Mestanza

Friday 20 September 2013, 11:56AM

The story for the game was simple: King K. Rool wants to destroy DK Isles and to do so he captures Donkey Kong’s friends, locks them up, and steals their hoard of golden bananas. It's up the team, led by Donkey Kong, to recover the bananas and defeat King K. Rool and his army.

The game had five playable characters, four of whom had to be unlocked within the story mode. Each level included one barrel that was filled with one of the characters. Once they were freed, the user could play as them and collect the coins that corresponded to their colour.

Donkey Kong 64 was big on mini-games, with the chance to collect even more valuables to unlock special moves, and in some cases weapons.

As an adventure game, it was addicting and nostalgic at the same time. Donkey Kong is one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time, with over 80 per cent scores on most review sites.

Despite the memorable music, the song in the opening scene of the game has this rather unfortunate line, which Electronic Gaming Monthly dubbed the worst game line ever: “His coconuts gun can fire spurts. If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt!”

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