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BIS triathlon a hit

PHUKET: Students from British International School Phuket (BIS) braved the searing heat last weekend to compete in the school’s annual triathlon competition.

Friday 17 February 2012, 01:49PM

Isabella Hosking digs deep trying to beat William Potter to the finish line.

Isabella Hosking digs deep trying to beat William Potter to the finish line.

The event, held on Saturday morning (February 11), was broken into various age groups, with both an individual and a group division for each.

Rex Grey, Director of Athletics at BIS, said the focus this year was on the younger age groups and getting them involved in the sport.

“I think just the notion of a triathlon and covering three disciplines is popular, and it’s good for the young ones to get a taste of that,” he said.

“The kids are very keen on their sport, so its very easy to get them involved.”

But while there was certainly no shortage of competition, the event was not all about winning. “We try to focus on participation rather than competition,” Mr Grey said.

The triathlon kicked off what was a week of sport at BIS, with athletics carnivals being held on Monday and Wednesday.



Year 1 and 2 Teams

1st - Tanya Thanyaporn, Nathan Lowry, Latte Chitchonthan

Year 1 and 2 Individual Boys

1st – Oliver McLean-High

2nd – Tom Clowes

3rd – Jules Glorieux



1st – Matilda Catts

2nd – Katya Mallia

3rd – Alessandro Harris

Year 3 and 4 Teams

1st – Mia O’Leary, Andrew Symons, Megan Ueckermann

2nd – Titan Hayes, Adam Jacklin, Matthew Diamond

3rd – Sabrina Frank, Chaliesa Potter, Hannah Diamond

Year 3 and 4 Individual Girls

1st – Isabella Hoskins

2nd – Harriet Clowes

Laguna Golf Phuket

3rd – Anna Marfuad


1st – Joe Hunter

2nd – Jonty McLean-High

3rd – Adi Llamas

Year 5 and 6 Teams

1st – Jennifer Sydney, Lalita Wandee, Christina Jansson

2nd – Melanie Preen, Azra Anderson

3rd – Katerina Cook, Sammy Thacker, Alyssa McGoldrick

Year 5 and 6 Individual Boys

1st – Alex Mallia

2nd – Louis Glorieux

3rd – Joshua Ford


1st – Andrea Hoskings

2nd – Jenna Doherty

3rd – Emily Matsui

Year 7 and 8 Teams

1st – Francis Hoskings, Leon Loh, Alex Kirby

2nd – Hannah Willoch, Thomas Brunning, Bank Arunrat

3rd – Christina Bebbington, Maddy Thacker, Jennifer Fredin

Year 7 and 8 Individual Boys

1st Raymond Windsor

2nd Tim Schwab

3rd Chris Thomson

1st – Mysha Mallia



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