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Big finale for Phuket’s Wahoo fishing tourney

Big finale for Phuket’s Wahoo fishing tourney

SPORT FISHING: The 2013 Wahoo Thailand sportfishing tournament was held over three days late last week in the waters around the Similan Islands, about 100 kilometres northwest of Phuket.

Thursday 28 February 2013, 10:12AM

Organizer Warren Crowe from the Rawai Beach Fishing Club reported the fishing weather over the three days of the tournament had been excellent, and the fishing was notably better than last year, including catches of five sailfish (pictured) and three marlin, all of which were released alive, in line with the rules.

This year’s tournament champions, Team Captain Hooks International led by Peter Pauli, secured their victory with wins in the sailfish, mackerel and barracuda categories, reaching a total of 115 points.

The Wahoo win is a local double for the Captain Hooks team, who also won at the Phuket International Sportfishing Tournament in November. 


Tournament Champion: Captain Hooks International, ThaiOneon, 115 points (B300,000)
Runners-up: The Oman Boys, 4Reel, 75 points
Third: Mono-Shanties, Chok Tarinee, 50 points
Fourth: IRE, Nikita, 40 points
Fifth: The Extruders, Black Marlin, 30 points
Sixth: Rawai Pla Boyz, Reel Blue, 20 points

Wahoo: Andrew Stratton, IRE, Nikita, 11.21 kg (B200,000)
Dorado: Grant Burrell, Rawai Pla Boyz, Reel Blue, 8.17 kg (B25,000)
Mackerel: Joachim Kenzler, Captain Hooks International, ThaiOneon, 7.85 kg (B25,000)
Barracuda: Joachim Kenzler, Captain Hooks International, ThaiOneon, 3.70 kg (B25,000)
Trevally: Peter Goyder, The Extruders, Black Marlin, 9.50 kg (B25,000)
Tuna: Mono Alderson, Mono-Shanties, Chok Tarinee, 3.72 kg (B25,000)
Cobia: None
Other species: Vladislav Puharel, Mono-Shanties, Chok Tarinee, 10.50 kg Grouper (B25,000)
Most Sailfish: Two, caught by Peter Pauli & Joachim Kenzler, Captain Hooks International, ThaiOneon, (B200,000)
Other Sailfish: Neil MacKinnon, The Oman Boys, 4Reel; Paul Arrowsmith, Rawai Pla Boyz, Reel Blue; Jimmy Stewart, Team BiteMe, Sanrat
Most Marlin: Henry Duncan, The Oman Boys, 4Reel, 1.58 m (B200,000)
Other Marlin: Chris Waight, The Extruders, Black Marlin, 1.50 m; David Remus, Singapore Slingers, Praesert 17 (not measured).

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