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Best pizza: down under?

While Italy is known as the motherland of pizza, Australia is now the new home for the world's best pie.

By The Phuket News

Friday 2 May 2014, 04:09PM

Australian chef Johnny Di Francesco's margherita was named the globe's finest in the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza (Pizza World Championships) in Naples last week, as he beat out more than 600 competitors from 35 countries.

Di Francesco, who owns a small restaurant in Melbourne, took home the title of Specialita Tradizionale Garantita, and this to say about his win:

“A lot of people think it is easy to produce a margherita but it is one of the hardest to produce. With a lot of pizzas it's easy to mask the flavour with toppings so you don't really get the flavour out of the dough. With a margherita there is no hiding anything that isn't right.”



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