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Do you plan to stay a bit longer in Thailand or you want to set up a business here? Here are some tips that can help you set up your financial future with details on the banking procedure.

By Alasdair Forbes

Monday 5 November 2012, 04:28PM

Thai Baht savings account:The most common type of bank account is the savings account. A non-resident may be able to open an account without a work permit but they will need to provide their passport and a letter of recommendation from their Embassy in Thailand. Anecdotal evidence suggests that not all branches and banks will allow this. Try several or use the head office branch. If no work permit is held then it is not possible to get Internet or telephone banking but an ATM card and passbook will be issued. Documents required to open an account include the following (may vary from bank to bank):

  • Passport with a valid visa

  • Work permit (Some banks will open an account for those without a work permit. Visit several different banks to find out which ones do not require a work permit.)

  • Letter of recommendation from Embassy if no work permit is held

Foreign currency deposit account:This is a bank account usually offered in a range of currencies with a minimum deposit required. A passport must be presented when opening a foreign account. Other documentation may also be requested, such as an official letter of recommendation from the person's Embassy, employer or overseas bank, pay slips, loan documents or a bank statement from the person's home country.

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Business bank account:To open a business bank account in Thailand it is necessary to have all the company papers, a passport with valid visa and a work permit. Although it should be a straightforward process it is recommended that an accountant prepares all the paperwork before visiting the bank. A business bank account will normally issue a cheque book and ATM card. Some offer Internet banking.

Deposits and withdrawals:Withdrawals can be made at the ATM. This is free if the account holder uses an ATM from their bank in the same province. However, when using the ATM of the same bank outside of the province a small fee is charged. The use of an ATM of another bank in the same province as the holder's bank account also incurs a small fee, which is higher in another province.

Lost or Stolen Bank Cards, Mobile Telephones and Passports:If a debit card or bank Visa card has been lost or stolen, the holder should go to their nearest bank branch and make an immediate report. It is important to take a passport. Alternatively it's possible to call an emergency number. The bank will terminate the use of the card right away. However, a person must go to the bank where the account was opened to receive another card. If the card has been used without authorization, the bank will help to fill out the necessary paperwork and direct the person to the nearest police station to fill out a theft report.


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