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Aussie teacher shot in north

THAILAND: A Melbourne schoolteacher is lucky to be alive after being shot in the back of the head while on a school trip to Chiang Mai, according to The Age newspaper.

Friday 15 July 2011, 06:46AM

Teachers Lynda Cody and Jess Lambden of Ringwood Secondary College had just left a night market in

Khum Kan Tok in Chiang Mai, when armed bandits attacked their car.

A bullet pierced the rear window, passed through two headrests, and hit Ms Cody in the back of the head, grazing the back of her skull.

The shooting happened at 10pm last Saturday after Ms Cody and Ms Lambden called into the night market to buy souvenirs before returning to Australia with their students.

X-rays and a CT scan since revealed no major damage, and she was released from hospital after receiving six stitches.

None of the eight Ringwood Seconday College students on the trip were involved.

Ringwood Secondary College principal Michael Phillips said “Whilst the injury sustained by Lynda was serious, the incident was particularly stressful and both staff members will need counseling support as they realise how close they were to being shot. Some may also need some counseling. This has been arranged.’’

Police are investigating the incident.




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